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Imperial Grand Prix: A LEGO Racers Conversion

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It's exactly what it says on the tin. I've converted the Imperial Grand Prix track from LEGO Racers to SHAR, as fully as I possibly could! This includes that weird swinging box thing that spins you out, except this time it will smash your car to pieces.


  • All the level geometry completely converted in its full late 90s glory.
  • Animated track objects, both visual and physical.
  • An animated waterfall texture.
  • Vertex colours.
  • And more!

I plan on converting more tracks from LEGO Racers because it's fun and I like LEGO Racers and I like SHAR.

Please note: this mod just contains the track, no race missions or custom cars or anything like that. The mod is decompilable so if you want to use this track in one of your mods then feel free.

Download Link