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Scheduled Maintenance Information & Forum Patch Notes: Version 23.1

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Scheduled Maintenance

Today, we performed maintenance to enhance the security and development flow of the Donut Team web services. From 3:30pm to approximately 7:30pm EST, Loren and I worked to migrate our database and forum site to new servers. The database was updated to the latest version, the forum was updated to support the latest version of PHP and all web services ran an audit on the open-source packages we use.

These upgrades were a success, with no known issues encountered and services were restored. We thank you for your patience while we performed these necessary upgrades.

When we have details on the next scheduled maintenance, we will be sure to share it with you.

Version 23.1

Today we're going live with another forum update. This is the first major update since 2021, this update largely focuses on security updates, with quality-of-life changes coming soon(TM).

Undocumented Changes
These changes were not publicly documented until now, but were available before these patch notes.
  • Dark Mode received a face lift to better suite the Donut Team style and to be more functionally complete.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a long-lasting issue where using the user search "@" did not work at all. This functionality is still considered experimental and may not work as intended.

Compatibility Changes
Compatibility changes refer to things the user shouldn't necessarily notice any direct changes to. These change bring several security enhancements and ease of use for future development. While we believe we've migrated Donut Team successfully to these new systems, issues and bugs may arise. Please report them to us here, in the Donut Team Discord or at
  • We've removed several stub pages that were moved to the main website.
  • We've moved all forum links to no longer have /forum/ in the URL.
  • We've upgraded to a new database system.
  • We've upgraded to a new version of the server software.
  • We've upgraded our permissions system to use the new permissions system that was created for the new website. This means permissions are now synced across all services more closely.
  • We've upgraded parts of the site to use Eloquent in place of standard database queries to speed up development and allow easier porting between Loren's code and my code.

These changes will allow us to continue to develop the Donut Team Web Services and build a more cohesive experience. Our plans moving forward will be to continue to decentralize content away from the forum and create an ecosystem for the needs the community presents. The forum being maintained again allows us to continue this, while ensuring our forum features do not break.

If you'd like to support what we're doing here at Donut Team, please consider supporting us on Ko-Fi:

Thank you for your support and patience while we continue to build Donut Team, together.

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