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Forum Patch Notes: Version 24.1 – 24.1.2

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Version 24.1.2

New & Updated
  • Topic Subscriptions were re-implemented in our new framework.

  • The ability to "Template" a post has been removed.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue relating to moderation logging.
  • Fixed an issue where the board link on a topic preview provided the wrong URL.
  • Fixed an issue where deleted posts were still considered the newest post.
  • Fixed an issue where the forum would attempt to post a message longer than 65,535 characters, resulting in an error.

Version 24.1.1

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where the Compact Forum Topic Listing setting was not working.
  • Fixed an issue where trying to navigate to the latest reply would not work properly.

Version 24.1

Today we're going live with another forum update. This is the second major update since 2021, this update largely focuses reworking backend with the addition of a few nifty features.

New Features
  • When logged in, you can now view your "Favourite Topics" from the left-side navigation or the dropdown at the top of all forum topic listings.
  • When logged in, you can now view your own topics by clicking "My Topcis" from the dropdown at the top of all forum topic listings.

The "Classic Topics" board has been hidden. This project has not been expanded upon since its inception and because many of the users involved are no longer involved in the community, it was decided that hiding it for now was for the best.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Under the Hood
The internal frameworks powering the site has been changed. This should bring better stability, speed and ease development moving forward.

  • The custom framework built to build Donut Team's forum has now entered End of Life.
  • We've switched to using a mixture of our proprietary frameworks with a mix of new, open-source frameworks.
  • As time goes on, our proprietary frameworks will be replaced with new, open-source frameworks.
  • The next update will focus on retiring the framework(s) further and re implementing functionality using these open frameworks.
  • The goal is to have this transition complete sooner, rather than later. Though, with all things Donut Team, we will see if this is feasible and will not promise any specific dates.

Please report any issues you encounter when using Donut Team's forum to this topic or privately via email:

These changes will allow us to continue to develop the Donut Team Web Services and build a more cohesive experience. Our plans moving forward will be to continue to decentralize content away from the forum and create an ecosystem for the needs the community presents. The forum being maintained again allows us to continue this, while ensuring our forum features do not break.

If you'd like to support what we're doing here at Donut Team, please consider supporting us on Ko-Fi:

Thank you for your support and patience while we continue to build Donut Team, together.

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