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What is Donut Mod?

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Hey, so just recently reinstalled the game and I've heard a lot of good things about the modding scene, notably the Donut Mod. But the problem is, that's all I've heard about it. Just, "it's really good", and while I don't doubt this for a second, I also have no idea what the Donut Mod actually is. I mean, I've gathered it adds new levels, new content, sure, but I have no idea what that means exactly. Is it a total conversion that replaces the basegame? Does it just add the new levels to the end of the level list? Does it affect the main game in any way? Is there a storyline? What characters are playable? My most important question though is what the actual difference between the versions is. Is Donut Mod 4 just an improved version of Donut Mod 3? Or are they sequels to one another, and am I missing out if I don't play the first one (or now I suppose Anniversary Edition), then 2, 3, and 4?

Basically, what I want to know here, is what actually is the Donut Mod?
Hey there, welcome back to the game and the modding community! I'm Jake from Donut Team, and I'm thrilled to help you understand what Donut Mod is all about.

Donut Mod is a modification for "The Simpsons: Hit & Run" that enhances and expands the original game. It's not a total conversion; rather, it builds upon the base game to offer new experiences while maintaining the essence of the original. Here's a breakdown:

  • Content and Levels: Donut Mod adds new content and new takes on the original game. it integrates all new content within the game, offering a seamless experience. We've gone ahead and added new areas to existing levels and are working on new levels entirely.
  • Effect on the Main Game: While it introduces new elements, Donut Mod currently does not deviate from the main storyline of the base game (all that much). It's more like an enhancement, providing additional layers of gameplay and content.
  • Storyline and Playable Characters: There is an underlying storyline in Donut Mod that ties the new levels and content together that will be seen when all content is available. As for playable characters, Donut Mod currently features the beloved characters from the original game with some added twists down the line.
  • Differences Between Versions: Regarding the differences between versions like Donut Mod 3 and Donut Mod 4, each iteration of the mod typically brings improvements, new features, and content. They're not necessarily sequels, but more updated, refined or in some cases, complete reworks of our original projects. While playing through the earlier versions offers different experiences, you wouldn't be missing out on essential experiences if you jump straight to the latest version.

It's a way to experience the game with fresh content and a slight twist, providing both nostalgia and novelty. If you have any more questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out to us at Donut Team. Happy gaming! 🍩🎮