A few bugs spotted in Donut Mod

Posted in Donut Mod
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When playing on Level 3 I noticed 2 missions ha bugs in them...

L3M5, Lil B******: When failing to keep within the distance of Snake, it came up with "Mission Failed, Would you like to Start again?" I select yes, and then all it did was take to the point where I would had completed it after recovering the Police Car to Wiggum. Leading to to talk to him to be mission completed.

L3M7: There She Drove: When failing to destroy the limo, again i had to restart the mission, but as I got to drove towards the Limo, despite the Limo still sitting there, the objective was then changed to find Bart on the Boat, like the Limo had just been destroyed.

Also I found the directions to find Bart i found were somewhat misleading instructing to go on the wrong side of the Boat where you can't get on.