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How can I edit "Static Mesh Collision" in some .p3d map levels files in Blender??

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I started modifying some .p3d files from Level 7 with Blender for the next update of my mod but i don't know the way to change the collisions, how can I modify it?
There's some addon for this?

There's an example:
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Blender 2.8+ Weasel's Collision Editor
Weasel on a Stick replied to their own topic 2 years ago
Aka "That collision blender add-on thingy Weasel made". Import/Edit/Export all types of collisions with blender
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Install this add-on. Export your "Static Mesh Collision" from p3d file and import it to blender via "File->Import->Import SHAR Collision". After editing export it from blender via "File->Export->ExportSHAR Collision" and import it to your p3d file.
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