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Does anyone have a fully connect map where I can play every level in the open world?

Posted in Donut Mod
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I have tried to find a mod that allows me to play Simpsons hit n run where I can go around all of Springfield as any character at any point in the story. If anyone knows a mod like this please let me know.
Hey there! I apologize, as I'm not quite sure I understand the request. When you state the 'open world' are you referring to the Fully Connected Map mod by Colou? Or are you looking for something that would allow you to play the regular game with the ability to swap the character at any point in the story?

If you're looking for something that would allow you to play something similar to the regular game using the Fully Connected Map mod, the closest thing I can think of that fulfills your request would probably be MarioGaming64's Hit & Run Plus mod, which uses Colou's Connected Map mod as a base. This mod has a couple of missions that still follow the story beats of the original game, but re-designed to make use of the map.

However, changing a character through that mod is not normally possible (and only goes up to Level 3). The only other thing I can think of is utilizing the 'Kick to Change Character' cheat code while in a mission, though this requires a 100% save.

The Randomizer Mod also offers a way to force swap your character randomly each time the Level is loaded alongside some other settings as well, but probably isn't what you're looking for.