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SHAR Lucas' Launcher No Mods/Hacks

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Hi all. Brand new to this. Did all the things I thought I needed to do to get the launcher up and running, extracted the files and copied them over to the right folders but when I open the launcher I just get numerous error messages and I don't know how to fix it or what I did wrong. If someone could help that would be great! Seems like no mods and no hacks are there.



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When opening the launcher fresh I just get this error about the hack support hack is not loaded. But I unzipped the MODS and the DLL folders and copied them all into the Simpsons folder where the application is located.

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Hey there! Welcome to the forums!

I think part of the issue is how you're extracting the Mod Launcher - the short version of it is that the Launcher does not need to be in the same folder as the Simpsons executable. Ideally, it should be in it's own separate folder like in the screenshot below:

Moving anything from the 'DLLs' and 'Mods' folder is also not required and the Launcher won't be able to locate them if this is done. Try cleaning out your Simpsons installation folder and re-extracting the Launcher. You can then follow the setup guide here which gives you a pretty quick rundown on what needs to be done.

Please let me know if you need any further assistance! I typed this up rather quickly, so please let me know if I overlooked anything or you're still running into issues despite my suggestion to start fresh.

(I also went ahead and merged your previous posts into one for readability sake. I hope the way I did this is acceptable.)
It sounds like you might have placed the launcher and its files in the wrong directory. Ensure the launcher is in its separate folder, not the Simpsons folder. Also, don't move anything from the 'DLLs' and 'Mods' folder; the launcher won't find them if you do. Try starting fresh and follow the setup guide closely.
Best wishes.
Hi there! Thank you very much for the replies so far. I started again from scratch and went through point by point. I'm not 100% sure what was at fault but I think it was because I accidentally extracted stuff to the main folder and confused it all. Now when I load the launcher, it opens fine and shows the Cheat one automatically loaded ready to check or leave. I have tried to work out how to use the settings and selected XINPUT so i can use my controller. I remapped the buttons and such but now the left and right camera for movement doesn't work. Is there a setting or something I need to help make that work. Right now all I can do is run back and forth haha!
If you don't mind me asking, what controller are you using exactly? I know your controller supports XInput based on your message, but are you using something like a DualShock 4 with DS4Windows to disguise it as an Xbox controller? I'm not sure why it wouldn't be working otherwise. I apologize, as I typically do not play the game with a controller myself.

I quickly pulled out an Xbox One controller I had lying about and enabled the XInput hack to test it out. Since it was an Xbox One controller, I went into the 'Mod Settings' option for that particular hack and set the 'Button Names' to use the Xbox One button names (the 'Mod Settings' option being accessible here). This step isn't necessary to get the controller working properly with the game, but it's convenient if you're more familiar with the button names the One controller uses instead of the 360 button names.

Using the in-game rebinding menu, I went to 'OPTIONS > CONTROLLER > Character Controls' and set 'Camera Left' and 'Camera Right' to 'C RS Left' and 'C RS Right' respectively:


(You can also do this in the Main Menu where Homer is sleeping on the couch as well. Just keep scrolling until you reach Options. Choose that, then go to 'CONTROLLER', then 'Character Controls' like you would while in-game.)

After doing that, the camera appears to be working fine for me. A right stick left camera input moves the camera to the left and a right input moves the camera to the right.

Note that unfortunately the official PC release of Hit & Run doesn't let you rebind the pause menu normally. You'd also have to enable the 'Rebindable Menu Gamepad Inputs' hack as well and configure it to your liking using the Mod Settings button I mentioned earlier.

I hope this information helps!