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(SPOILER ALERT!!!) Questions regarding Donut Mod: The Rebalance Update

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I have a few questions about how the Rebalance Update went out as it did...
First of (Spoiler alert), why the drastic change at the end of level 3? I'm not saying it's bad but... I didn't get the usual "Simpsons" feeling when playing L3M7. Also I was never able to hear what the ship worker said because of the bad audio quality so I never got the hang of the mission.

Second and lastly, I've done some tests of the vehicles in the game (both original and new ones) that got me to the suprise of the different vehicle stats in the phone booth doesn't really match up together when making differences of the similar vehicles (even the same stats!). That made me wondering if any of the "staff" had noticed this? And if noticed, why haven't this been changed?

Having all understanding with not being able to answer this soon but will appreciate any answer :)

PS. I have done a test with the vehicles and is wondering if the team would like to have a copy of my summary thats being written in the near future.
Hello, Victorio!

First off, I guess I should explain the drastic change for L3M7: The reason for it is that most of the team thought it was a pretty poor mission, and they asked me to remake it entirely in order to fit the standards of Level 3. I thought the idea of trying to rescue Bart from the C. Spanker before it sets said would be an interesting concept, as Radical never really did anything like this. The change in Bart not being rescued is related to Level 4's new map that we're working on. Can't say much more than that, unfortunately!

I apologize for the audio quality. I'll be the first to admit that crew member was voiced acted by me due to a lack of professional voice actors we have on the team. I tried to make the dialog a bit humorous to better fit Simpsons standards (with him mentioning that they can't stop the ship for any reason unless it's important, then revealing a pizza from Wall E. Weasel's is enough to stop them). Is the sudden downgrade in voice acting quality the reason you feel it loses The Simpsons vibe? Also, I have no clue why the crew member doesn't move his mouth during the conversation. This may be a limitation with using generic NPCs in conversations (or to be more accurate - clones of generic NPCs) that we didn't notice until now and I'm not sure if there's a way to fix that.

As for the second question, I'm afraid I don't really understand what you're trying to say. Are you saying that similar vehicles with similar stats look much different according to the phone booth?

Thank you!

Kenny Giles
@Kenny Giles

The second question is about the differences in stats that is in the phone booth, like for an example the Audi TT. In the phone booth has the EXACT same stats in speed and acceleration as Moe's Sedan but, they have different acceleration AND top speed in the game (and it's a BIG difference). The Audi TT gets from 0 to 100 (KM/H) in about 4,05 seconds. While the sedan gets from 0 to 100 (KM/H) in 3,4 second. On paper it can seem quite ridiculous but, in game it's an difference!
Should also note that the Audi TT has an top speed at 120-125 (KM/H) and the sedan has an top speed of 130-135 (KM/H).

But these vehicles aren't the only vehicles that's to "different" to each other. If the Donut team would like to have someone which can "look through" all vehicles and make support on tips and notes I would be more than happy for this "mission"...

I Hope this clears out the trouble of the second question!

I think the C. Spanker crew member does fit in with The Simpsons. Not being able to stop for "Any reason" then after all of Lisa's efforts, revealing a stop for pizza would be a good enough reason, THAT fits perfectly with The Simpsons (And as those of us with a transportation industry background can say, fits with real life too!) I got a big laugh out of the dialog myself. Reminds me of when I worked for the BNSF as a locomotive engineer, and my regular crew. When stopped at red signals in towns, if there was a coffee shop nearby, we'd tie the locomotive down (Using a hand brake wheel to prevent any accidental wheel slippage) and run out for a quick coffee. If the signal cleared (Turned green), our first priority was usually to finish our coffee (Unlike a traffic light, it only is red if there is a train in front of us).

I loved that part. Gets a big thumbs up from me!
Hang on a moment, NEW LEVEL 4 Map?!?!?!?!?! Everyone start brainstorming
Dirt confirmed
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