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Last Wasp Level 1

Posted in Donut Mod
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Hello, I've been searching for the last wasp for around 2 days now. I cannot seem to find it. Anybody have any ideas of where it cold be?
[deleted user]
7 yrs ago (Statistics)
You're probably going to have to be much more specific than that, since there's no indication here of what wasps you've managed to destroy already.

As for the question itself, have you looked in all the areas where the wasps are in the vanilla game? If so, how about places that there are wasps in level 4 and 7? If you've checked all those places, try to think like a developer and ask yourself: "where would a put a wasp?" There are many great places for wasps on the map that the original Vivendi developers couldn't use due to the 20 wasp limit. And with that, I leave you. Happy hunting!