Donut mod conspiracy update release date?

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Hi, i am Dan and i only wish to know when the conspiracy update will be released.


It will be released when it's ready.
Awesome, just an awesome reply!
I sense some sarcasm, @Victorio. We understand wanting a more detailed response, but I believe there's a nicer way to ask for this.

Again, the next update will be released when it's ready. The reason why these replies are usually brief is because this is a question that's been answered time and time again for previous updates. In the past we've announced a release date for the mod way too early, and ended up rushing the product and left our players with a foul taste in their mouth because of it (I'm looking at you Donut Mod 2). This is why we're typically more quiet about the release dates, so we can be sure the mod is in a finished (or closed to finished) state, rather than putting up a release date during the hype of the start of a new Level, before everything comes to a crashing halt and it's nowhere near finished.

The new update is also taking a bit longer for a couple of other reasons:

- We're building an entirely new map for Level 4, and with the current tools that can be pretty challenging (I myself have no clue how to use these tools).
- We have to design a fairly different script for Level 4 to fit this new environment.
- General other improvements to the previous Levels.
- Possible implementation of Deathfish in the next update.
@Kenny Giles
Actually it's not sarcasm (And I myself find it quite shocking). Just making my point of view on questions and answers that are quite "Self-explaining". Also another thing is that someone could write a comment in a more "neutral way", but still making its foul words being heard. Just an heads up!