A Misteryus Error

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Hello People of this wonderfull page,i am a new member,i haved a error with the donut mod or the lucas launcher,when i start the mission of taking out the trash,the game crash and says simpsons stop working
[deleted user]
7 yrs ago (Statistics)

That's been an error for a while now. The only way I have ever seen to bypass it is listening to the entire conversation with marge before the mission without skipping it.
www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fpenrkwwuik <-This is a link to the video I saw it in.

Other than that, there's an option in the mod settings to disable L1M3 (I assume for this reason), though that's undesirable compared to actually playing the mission.
Actually that setting is broken in the current release since I added it before making some Radical changes to the structure of basically everything in the mod and I forgot to update that part to work.

And the workaround you suggested sounds kind of sketchy. Does that actually work? Makes me want to look into that conversation more.
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7 yrs ago (Statistics)
@Loren Goodwin

I don't know if it actually works consistently but it crashed three times for Mango and then he did it while not skipping the conversation and it worked. Something to try at least.