Small bug in Lucas' Mod Launcher

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I noticed a small bug in Lucas' mod launcher. When first launching the game, it might ask you "Please copy the "Movies" folder and "dialog.rcf" from simpsons hit and run cd 1", but, at least for the EU version of the game the "dialog.rcf" is actually called "dialogs.rcf".

This isn't really a problem, but it might confuse new users when trying to play
Can you try verifying your game install. Here's information how:

Download it from

1. If "Lucas Simpsons Hit & Run Mod Launcher.exe", its "Hacks" folder or its "Mods" folder are in your game directory, move them elsewhere until after the verification is complete. Do not make any other changes to your game directory in preparation.
2. Open "Lucas' Simpsons Hit & Run Install Verifier.exe" and click Start and wait for it to complete. It may take awhile, so give it time.
3. After it completes, it should automatically show a Save As Dialogue Box. Save the file somewhere on your computer.
4. If the file is more than a few tens of megabytes or more than you're able to upload, just give us the contents of the log in its entirety displayed on the Lucas' Simpsons Hit & Run Install Verifier window using a service like
5. Email it to us at