Mischievous Night - BETA V.0.3.1

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[Posted: 29 October 2016] This mod's been in development as a side project for a good 1 and a half months,
as something i could put a little creativity into. If you enjoyed it, or found some gripes with the mod please feel
free to leave any criticism or feedback onto this thread, Thanks guys.

Mini Changelog
v.0.1 (2016): - RELEASED
v.0.2 (2017):
- Clean white/silver heads up display.
- Multiple costumes at your disposal in the launcher.
v.0.3 (2017) :
- New updated environment textures
- New wrench model
- Fixed missing hud icons
- New Red Ferrini model
- Mission 5 is now playable!
- Minor bugfixes made to Stock Clearance (Mission 4)
v.0.3.1 (21/12/2019):
- Removed will.png and will.p3d

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Looks great man! Nice presentation as well.
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These mods recently have been very good indeed.
Misch Night BETA is Out!
Very nice.
This mod Is AMAZING! Keep up the good work !
Thank you :)
Continue this mod!!!!!
This BETA version is pretty good! I like the use of the music from Bully in the tutorial mission, and dialogue ripped straight from the show, which is pretty nice. I haven't played through most of it, but there's been a few times when a game crashed by finishing a race, the bonus mission, cancelling a mission from the pause menu or passing Nelson's mission. But then again, it's BETA, so it has to be expected, and I'm sure these bugs will be fixed in the future. I can't wait for the final version of the mod!