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At the first mission of level 2 i can't talk to moe after i deliver the duff crates......he has the ! mark and all but i can't talk to him.
Yeah, I know 'bout this. Dunno what's wrong. In next Update, I will move him. Right now, use cheat keys' character teleporting feature (F7)
Update 4.1!
Replaced Moe in L2M1, so mission can be finished
Created missions 4, 5 of Level 2
Added Vehicles to be purchased by Gil/Unlocked in races and bonus mission

Have fun there!
Update 4.2!
Improved CustomText.ini (Thanks to Colou!)
Created last missions of Level 2!
Some new mission briefing images! (Thanks to Colou)

Have fun there!
Good Work! Did you figure out what was wrong in mission 7 then?
@Colou, Missing closing quote in load file ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
(There was also a lot of errors (like three) in files, but as you see, they are fixed)
Got to say, that Homer's Adventure hit 100 downloads! Huge thanks to the people, who downloaded my mod!
Just downloaded the mod to try out later. Quick question, why is it not a lmlm file yet? Just feels a little cleaner than a folder.
Because it's beta, first "release" version will be released as lmlm file.
Also, you can look into the mod files to know, how things are working