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Hey, Gordon CMB, I have a question.Can you do your new mod called Apu's Shopkepper Adventure (it has only one level and takes place in the Level 4 map of the original SHAR) where he works in the Kwik-E-Mart at night once after you already created Homer's Adventure mod? Just want to give you your new mod ideas. Give me thumbs, bro!

Yours truly, BartBoy1998 :)
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6 yrs ago (Statistics)
BartBoy1998, We're already have an idea about Apu's mod, and already made some alpha version, which isn't ready to be released. But it's development is currently frozen, because we need a little break from SHaR.
Love it. One thing I have to say though is the first missions until clown party just feel like fillers.
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5 yrs ago (Statistics)
Thanks for your review! :D
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5 yrs ago (Statistics)
I have started playing this mod and I'm liking it so far. I finished first level 100% and just reached level 2 and will continue tomorrow. I can't say too much about the mod since I just finished first level and I will come with a full review later. But from what I played so far from first level:

I liked the story missions, they were for the most part nice and easy. The bonus mission was easy too. I didn't have any problems with the timers or whatever objective I had to do.

Speaking of challenges, I don't know how to say it but I really HATED the first challenge. It took me an hour and half to do it and it was more than 10 tries. I will try to not spoil much but I have to go through each objective of the mission to analyze further and what I liked and didn't like about it:

First, I started the mission with the default vehicle, which is the Family Sedan. The first objective is to simply race the first guy to the School. This is nice and easy, there are no problems with that. After that, you have to destroy the next guy's cement truck and it is quite difficult to destroy, however in my all attempts I managed to destroy it in time, first time I did it with 3 seconds remaining on clock but after that in following attempts I did with more seconds, so time shouldn't be an issue and the truck isn't too difficult to destroy but you must get it stuck on a wall if you want to succeed. Then you have the third guy which is quite tricky, this is where I failed the mission first try and then failed once or two more times later in my last attempts. You have to lure him from the Simpsons' house to Cletus' house and there is the difficulty where he can sometimes get stuck (which happened once and I failed by running out of time) and cost a lot of time, though I may also failed if I just sped up too much and lost him when I had my time running out. I suggest to slow him down a bit and make him able to follow you a bit more easily instead of just spinning around and waiting for him to come. Otherwise, it's not too bad. The next guy you have to hit to collect 6 items in a short amount of time, I think he wasn't too bad but failed it once in a later attempt when I was already getting tired of the mission. I don't have anything to say about this part other than it depends how many items you get to collect before he starts running away from you, getting him stuck a bit in wall of Church will give you advantage to collect about 3-4 (even 5 if you are very lucky) items and pass this objective faster but if you have just 2, this part will be a bit of a problem.

Now comes the final part that really frustrated me and I'm not lying, I did get very frustrated at this point. You have to destroy the last guy of the challenge, which is (SPOILER ALERT) the main developer of the mod. The problem here is while you get 2 minutes and you also have the other guys chasing you, this guy is way too fast and it's nearly impossible to catch up with him. The guys that chase you aren't a problem since you can easily get away from them and only may one of them (the third guy that you had to lure into the trap) reach you at later part of the chase, like after you pass the Simpsons' house. But basically the problem here is this guy is way too fast and it's nearly impossible to destroy him in time, the furthest I've ever got was in second real attempt at the mission (third overall) when he got stuck a bit in the wall at the Power Plant and gave me a bit of advantage to hit him a few times and later he got stuck and hit a few cars but even then I could only damage him like 90% and he was smoking gray (close to black) but ran out of time and pretty much frustrated me because the problem is that if I fail this part, I have to do the whole mission over again and I just hate having to redo the previous objectives over and over again, only to fail at latest objective every single damn time!

Now, I understand this is a challenge and is meant to be hard but I just didn't like it because it felt very unfair, ESPECIALLY compared to the other 2 challenges (see more below). I know that guy slows down a bit when you are a bit behind him but it's still very difficult to reach him because as soon as you want to take him, he starts speeding up and almost never crashes into anything, except rarely and even then it barely stops him or barely damages him. I gave up after like a whole hour of trying and then tried it one more time with FBI van but I still failed, I gave up and moved on to complete last story mission of the level to unlock second level as I wanted to have a better car. After that, I EVENTUALLY managed to complete the challenge using the Car built for Homer that you unlock in second level and even then that took two tries (the first try I failed because on third part/objective, the guy got stuck and failed) but on the final part, it felt much more fair and could damage him easily and catch up with him much easier, it still took quite a bit of time as by the time I finished the challenge, I had about 15-20 seconds left on clock.

The second challenge was much easier and it felt a lot more fair, it only took me 2 tries and I won't spoil much what was about but I felt like I actually have a chance here. I will say you had just to prevent 3 other racers to win the race, while letting someone win the race. At first I was close to do it but at one point I had bad luck and the other guys got a bit ahead, while the guy that was supposed to win got stuck because of a traffic vehicle but in successful try I knew exactly what I had to do.

The third challenge was the easiest, I did in first try and I will say you had Bart's Honor Roller vehicle given but the challenge was easy enough.

Sorry if I sounded a bit rude, the mod is excellent so far and has very fun missions, though I agree with an earlier comment that missions should take place less often at the Power Plant and maybe in some missions the time limits may seem a bit too high (example some missions I finished with a lot of time remaining on clock) but other than that, I still think the first challenge was really annoying and felt unfair, which kinda ruined a bit the experience of mod where every other mission felt balanced enough, even the other challenges felt a lot more fair. Unless you intended this particular challenge to be beaten by a better vehicle unlocked later in game and not by the Family Sedan which is slow and doesn't seem like a good candidate for this challenge. Maybe that could be the explanation.
Nice review, thanks for the feedback.
I believe the main issue with the balancing of the challenges was that everyone on the team was given the chance to make a challenge (although not everyone wanted to). Personally, I can relate to the frustration as I myself have yet to beat the mission. If I'm perfectly honest, I think the challenges get easier from this point on.
Unfortunately, these issues are unlikely to be fixed as the team has moved on to other projects at this point. Perhaps in the future we might release a bugfix? Who knows.
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5 yrs ago (Statistics)
Thanks! I play most of the popular mods out there and write reviews when I finish one or when I have to point out things like glitches, missions that seem almost impossible to complete, etc. I didn't write reviews to all the mods I played/finished so far, I have actually played and finished nearly every mod that got released so far but I only wrote reviews to 3 or so of them because I don't visit the forums too often but I still check when it's a new mod released.

As for the mod, it's ok if it doesn't get released a new update, I'm fine with the mod like this if the team is working on other mods at the moment. I think the mod is finished, though I have yet to play levels 2 and 3 to see if there's remaining bugs or if a challenge or mission seems a bit too hard. I just thought that first challenge seemed a bit too hard and needed a bit of balance to make the last objective possible with the Family Sedan. But like I said, I'm fine even if this challenge remains as it is, as long as people will know to use a better vehicle to do the challenge rather than the vehicles given in level 1.

As for the challenge, have you tried beating it with the Family Sedan or with a better car? I doubt the challenge is meant or possible to beat it with the Family Sedan, maybe it is possible to beat it if you get lucky enough to trap the vehicle at Power Plant entrance long enough to damage it a lot or even destroy it there but I wasn't lucky enough and ultimately I decided to temporary give up on this challenge, complete the other 2 challenges and final mission of the level to unlock level 2 and then I went back to first level and attempted the first challenge again with Car built for Homer and then I completed it. I believe this is the correct way to beat the challenge since you pretty much need a good vehicle.

A bit off-topic (I don't want to bump an old thread) but a while ago I played and finished your Sunday Drive mod and also liked it, though it had a major bug in level 2 with Lisa where the Electaurus (default vehicle of the level) can't be selected from Phone Booth and because the penultimate mission was in forced vehicle, I didn't have the Electaurus anymore and I tried to do the last mission with the Family Sedan (default vehicle from first level) but failed at bullies part in the end where you have to destroy the truck (or hit to collect a number of items, I forgot) while avoiding them and the Family Sedan was a bit too slow and caused me to fail the mission, so I had to give up for that time, then quit game and come back to have the Electaurus appear again and after that I could complete the mission without any problems. I know the mod is not finished and level 2 will be eventually finished but just wanted to leave it here to let you know about the bug and fix it in next version.

Anyways, I hope Gordon will look on this topic and say if he had any problems with the challenge since he probably designed the challenge (or at least the final part of it), maybe he could complete it with the Family Sedan, who knows.
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5 yrs ago (Statistics)
Hi there, and thanks for your review!

We made one half of the challenges easy to complete, and the other half - hard. You guessed right about L1C1, player needs to get a better car first, before he can proceed with this challenge.
Overall, this mod is our first attempt in making a full-campaign mod, it has some bugs, glitches, very hard stages and etcetera

Right now, we're focused on Springfield Noire, and we have beta testers. They're helping us in reducing the amount of various flaws.
Patch for HA 90% won't be released, but, probably some day....
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5 yrs ago (Statistics)
Hi Gordon. No problem, I like to write reviews of mods I play. And good to know that the challenge pretty much required a better and faster vehicle, I feel a bit more relived right now.

I fully understand that this was your first attempt at a campaign mod and I appreciate the effort, even if the mod is a bit glitchy. I enjoy playing campaign mods like these, it feels like a new experience to me.

Good luck with the new Springfield Noire project. I'm following the topic and when the mod gets released, I will be sure to play it.

Now I started playing level 2 and I already experienced some bugs while getting all collectibles. First, after playing for like 5-10 minutes, I get an error saying to insert CD 1 of Simpsons Hit & Run. This is first time it happened to me, although I read about this message before on the forum when other people had the same problem on other mods. It happened twice and only when I was inside the vehicle (first time happened after few seconds when I got in the vehicle, second time it happened immediately when I entered the vehicle), I think it has to do with the custom music that plays when you are driving as when you are on foot, it just plays the normal level 2 ambient sounds, so I know exactly what causes this crash. I find weird that this happened only in level 2 and never in first level. Thankfully I lost only very little progress in these 2 times when crashed (like one wasp and 2 cards collected) as I usually save often.

I also had a crash after I done collecting everything, I saved and then went to purchase vehicles and when I go to talk to Bart to buy the Honor Roller, it immediately crashes the game upon pressing the action key. I read about this crash before on the topic (it says on page 2) but I thought this was fixed. Looks like I won't be able to get 100% completion in the mod.

I will continue the mod a little bit later and focus on the story missions and then on the challenges.
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5 yrs ago (Statistics)
(About HA)
Yeah, there is a little problem with music and car shops
The thing is Colou changed L1's music, and the rest of it I did by myself. "Surprisingly", I somehow screwed that up, and now this CD bug happens. It can apper on L2, L2M4, L3
And the car sellers, well, we wanted to make "bonus" car sellers actually sell cars, but, we forgot to add dialogues to them

Speaking of 100% completion, it wouldn't be possible, because we were dumbasses back in the day, and putted mission-only cars into the phonebooth (I don't remember why)

(And, about SNoire)
Thanks! We have a ton of ideas, something old, something new, something "revolutionary"
We're working with beta testers(as I stated before), so they can detect any bug, glitch, crash
Missions are halfway finished, but, there is still much to do, I'd say, we've completed the mod on 32%