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Will there be more updates bcuz i'm getting more and more anxious every day for a new update! :D BTW in L2 the mission where you race to the moe's (i think it was M3 or M4) gets "skipped" when you cross the finish line instead of being completed (you can continue to the next mission but it gives me the X instead of a tick). It's not a huge deal but bugs need exterminatin' :)
Of course there will be more, 4.3 will include some art work, 4.4 some L3 missions, 4.5 some art work, and etc to the full release.
I already fixed that bug in L2M4, don't worry :D
Sorry for waiting too long, but here it is, 4.3!
L1M3 now has dialogues!
Full Level 1 and a couple of Level 2 missions have mission briefing images!
Schoolbus' retexture - Springfield Transit Bus!
New License!
Special thanks to Colou for "good painting" :D
Bit of a problem with the L1 Bonus mission. I spoke to Frink and no dialogue played and the mission would not start. You couldn't skip the cutscene and it would never end. Backing out locked you in position and you could not back out.

I wasn't able to capture a screenshot. I don't know if it's consistent either.
Yeah, I know about this, but don't worry, working bonus missions are coming in 4.4!
Update 4.4 is here!
Changed things:
Family Sedan now has roof
Custom cards of Level 1 (Level 2 and 3 has just placeholders)
Finally, bonus missions can be played!
First three missions of Level 3!
Some more dialogues and briefing images
New newspaper, appearing at the Level 1 loading screen!
Level 2 costume shop is no longer crashing the game
Regular sirens replaced with unused ones!
And a lot of other stuff, you might wanna test out!

Warning, at the moment, don't try to buy Bart's Honor Roller form him at L2, or Springfield bus from Otto at L3, or start street races in these levels, because dialogues for them aren't done yet, and the game will crash. Also, note that cards from L2 to L3 are placeholders for future changes.

Have fun there!
Hello, I am Gordon's sister(I'm using his laptop, don't think I'm hacked him), and I have some very bad news about my brother. He's now in the hospital, due to road accident, happened yesterday. I don't really know what's happened, but he is in the Reanimation right now, and he even can die...Let's hope that won't happen...I don't really know what should I do...
Edit from 2019: Fake story, lmao, my sister surely liked trolling me back in 2017. Good thing I live alone now
I hope he gets better! That's awful news :(
Give my regards to Gordon. Hope he is well and makes a full recovery!
Oh man, Like, I'm so sorry to hear that Gordon dude's in the hopsital the other day. But hopefully he'll stay alive and stay better.

Cheers, SnakeJailbird98