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If you log onto here again, sister of Gordon, please tell him good luck on his recovery from me, and I wish him and his family the best of luck in this.
Thank all of you for support! Although, it wasn't really a car accident, I've got only multiple bruises and minor injuries. Don't really know what was I doing in Hospital.(Also, my sister loves exaggerate things) In short, I'm back, and development will go on, thanks, again, for the support!
Edit from 2019: Fake story, I played along because I couldn't explain it was a f****** law suit, because an idiot scratched my car. SCRATCHED, NOT F****** BLEW UP. why I was so dumb back then?
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Finally, beta 4.5 is available!
Changed FBI sedan, it looks like a real FBI vehicle now
Changed FBI sedan's HUD icon, to match vehicle
Changed textures of FBI Van, you can find a reference in it!
Added 2 brand new costumes for Homer in level 3: Homer in pajama, and Homer - Work(parody to an upcoming DM4 costume)
Changed licence: added new authors, and changed "v4.3" to "BETA"
Added last L2 bitmaps, and some of the L3


Thanks for making the mod, only just started playing it but been getting the following bug when attempting to buy from Gill in L1:

I've decomplied and compiled placing the cBone.p3d file into \CustomFiles\art\frontend\dynaload\cars\cBone.p3d

Looking forward to playing this game :-)
Whoops, sorry, consider that bug is fixed (in 4.6)
Thanks for your review, by the way) For current versions you can use "Unlock all Rewards" hack, because you wouldn't unlock other vehicles (except bonus missions and Gil), as we haven't made a dialogues for street races and bonus car dillers yet.
Beta 4.6 is here!
Some "brand" new music! (And due to this, mod raised it weight up to 40 Megabytes!)
Last bonus mission!
L2 custom cards
Two new missions!
And a lot more!

Beta 4.7 is out!
New radar texture!
New scrapbook icons!
The Floppy Burger truck!
Repainted vending machines!
Preparations for last missions!
New newspapers!
The Lenny's Car!
And a lot more!

I hope you enjoy!)

The Silverboat, new retexture of L3's secret vehicle
New textures of numbers!
Final missions of the plot!
Final cards!
New phonebooth texture!
New Buzz crate texture
Meet: The FBI cameras!
And a lot more!

Thanks for playing our mod!

Added shortcuts to L1 map
Replaced Streetraces with challenges! (You can skip dialogues, they have no sense)
Retextured letters and symbols to look like a donuts...mmmm, donuts...
And a lot more!

Thanks for playing our mod! New mod coming soon...