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I see. I have completed level 2 earlier almost 100% (only the vehicle from Bart is missing) and so far I haven't experienced anything out of place, I didn't have any crashes as I decided after each 2-3 missions to save, then quit and then start the game again, so that I don't risk getting a crash in a mission or after a mission.

I also didn't have any problems with any of challenges (or missions) this time around, I passed everything in first try. It seems the challenges were a lot easier this time, maybe the last challenge might have a strict time limit but nothing too bad compared to that one challenge from first level. I also liked the challenges and missions in general, I especially liked the concept of the challenges this time, like the first with helping the past version of Homer and the second with the objectives reversed, though I want to mention that one of objectives was wrong since it still said to go to hospital but in reality I had to go to Moe's, so it costed me a bit of time but still made it in time.

Speaking of Phone Booth, I forgot to report earlier but the only vehicle that doesn't show its stats properly is the Ghost Rocket. It doesn't have stats defined, so instead you see the stats from the previously viewed vehicle. I know that there probably won't be a new version of this mod but it's still worth mentioning these just in case. I just wish I played the mod when was released, so that way these bugs would be fixed immediately, now it's probably too late to report all these bugs.

I will continue the mod tomorrow as I've reached level 3 and I just got a few collectibles, including buying the new clothes (Homer in pajama is my favorite). After I finish the whole mod, I will give an overall opinion (so far it's mostly positives as the only negatives were the bugs/crashes and that developers challenge from first level).
(Always trying to answer player's "questions" :D)

For the reversed mission we just took L5's files, and reversed everything, including CustomText
Even though objective reads "Drive to hospital", you need to arrive at Moe's, according to original script
We thought that one simple mission won't be fun if reversed, so we've combined L5M1 and L5M2

Thanks for your reviews! Will wait for the final one :P
Yeah, I was thinking that it's those first two missions from Level 5 combined in a single mission, I noticed the similarity while I was playing the mission. It was pretty interesting.

I've finished the mod right now (second and third level are both 97.5% finished due to not being able to buy one vehicle, as stated earlier) and I've got quite a few things to say:

First of all, the missions themselves are excellent. All missions flow nicely and in levels 2 and 3 Homer mostly spends a lot of time to get the card to the bus to go home but a lot of unfortunate events happen to him. In the end he gets to win, though. My only complaint comes probably from some of later missions, I passed all of them in first try except the last one where I failed once at the first objective where I had to go to Krusty Burger in 30 seconds but crashed into a traffic vehicle and failed the mission because of a single second (I had arrived at the location, the marker was right in front of me but the time ran out). I also barely managed to destroy Bart's car in time to get the card, literally destroyed in last 3 or so seconds and collected the ticket in last second, right before time ran out. And in an earlier mission with destroying 3 FBI cars, I nearly ran out of time to destroy last FBI car because I crashed into a stupid traffic vehicle and the FBI car passed me (which had black smoke and was about to blow) but thankfully hit a wall and destroyed itself, otherwise I would have been pissed to replay the whole mission just because of bad luck like this with the traffic vehicles, which are unpredictable.

Now for the challenges and bonus mission, unfortunately it seems today I had quite a bit of bad luck. I failed the bonus mission once because I ran out of time in a later stage when I had to go to Planet Hype (I was at observatory at that time) and had 55 seconds (I think) to go back, I took the way that leads to Krustylu studios and almost reached but ran out of time. I believe some of the timers could have been increased a bit in general in some of these stricter missions. But on second try I knew exactly where to go and I also didn't need to "wait" as I have been told by the objective before telling me to go next, however I took the intended way, towards the Squidport and then to Planet Hype, not the other way around as in my previous attempt. In the end I finished the bonus mission with like 11 seconds left, so it wasn't too bad, as long as you know exactly what to do.

For the first challenge where I had to lure a truck into a specific location, I also failed a few times. At first my mistake was to go the opposite way, instead of going to Krusty Burger by the theater as being told, I kept going the other way and keep running either out of time, failing to "follow" the vehicle or having the truck blow itself up (which requires a restart as there's nothing else you can do at this point) since the vehicles in this mission don't have a lot of health and they can be blown up and also can cause a Hit & Run. It's a quite difficult challenge but in the end I figured out and didn't take more than 5-6 tries.

The second challenge was frustrating and took me about 45 minutes to complete (about 10-15 tries), it was as hard as the first challenge from first level, quite unfair. It's a destruction derby type of challenge and at first you have to destroy Lisa in 1 minute and 20 seconds, then Bart in 1 minute and 10 seconds and then Marge in 1 minute and 40 seconds. Lisa and Bart can be easily destroyed with whatever vehicle you choose. But Marge on the other hand, seems almost impossible since the Canyonero is very durable vehicle and no matter what vehicle I used, I managed to make her car smoke and once even get black smoke and almost destroy her but time kept running out every single damn time, which annoyed me very much. I have tried this challenge with 70's Sports Car (default vehicle of this level) and came close a few times but gave up and went to phone booth to try with other vehicles such as Car Built for Homer, Hearse and Firetruck and none of them helped me to destroy Marge in time, I was hoping the Hearse would be the best but no matter what vehicle I used, I would never be fast enough to destroy her vehicle in time. I felt like this part was poorly designed and either should have been more time added, like full 2 minutes or slightly nerf her stats, like become a little bit easier to destroy. Yes I tried to trick her into hitting wall and then hitting her but even then in most of my attempts maximum I would make her car have gray smoke and never manage to destroy in time. I wondered what I was doing wrong since it seemed like I'm either not quick enough or the vehicle I'm using is not the one meant to defeat this challenge. So I selected again the 70's Sports Car since it seemed to make more progress with this one in one of my earlier attempts and I eventually decided to trap her car into that small alley which has that thing that destroys your car, so after a while (had 20 or so seconds left) I finally manage to destroy her car that way, I don't know if this was the intended method but I tried everything else and could never do it. After passing this objective, I had to destroy Barney's Plow King which was far easier than I expected. Why? Because there is no damn time limit here! You can take your time and damage him and repair your vehicle without worrying about anything other than damaging your vehicle too much and he didn't even try to damage my car, he was more hitting himself and allowed me to easily damage him a bit more, while regularly collecting the wrenches. So yeah, I think this part of the challenge with destroying Marge, much like the final objective of first challenge from first level, was way too hard and I feel like it wasn't properly tested.

The third challenge was much easier than I expected considering the other 2 challenges at this point frustrated me but at least this one I passed in first try and wasn't too bad but had a somewhat strict time limit, as I finished it with about 10 or 11 seconds left but the time limit was a lot more fair than say...the time given to destroy Marge. And when I finished the mission I was still in the school bus.

Bottom line, I think the mod is good. There are some minor and major bugs, I have pretty much reported them. The only other thing remaining to report is in viewing cards menu, there was a card that showed the description of two cards, example it said about a certain member and also about the Car built for Homer, while the other card about Car built for Homer, had the original description of the card it replaced. Oh and another thing to report, now regarding to Scrap Book, I read that there are new images for Scrap Book and decided to check them and indeed there are a few things different here but viewing the clothes in level 3 (Homer Alone), it crashes the game.

Maybe there's a few more bugs that I missed but it doesn't matter since unfortunately there's no going to be another update of the mod. It lacked some of the polish and it's a shame since the bugs and those 2 challenges detracted a bit from the experience of the mod, otherwise was going to be near perfect. Oh and I didn't have anymore crashes with the error saying to insert CD 1 but that because I saved and quit game after each 2 or so missions, to make sure the crash doesn't happen at all, even if many missions use songs from original game, I don't want to risk getting a crash in middle of mission, if it did ever happen.

Overall, I give this mod a 7.5/10 because while indeed there are a lot of positives about the mod, there are also those things that bothered me and ruined a bit the experience. I didn't want to sound a bit too harsh when I wrote all my issues about the bugs, crashes and those 2 challenges but I just felt like those particular challenges weren't tested well enough or at least not tested without Cheat Keys or something. I know to easily test the missions is to use something like Cheat Keys to pass them faster and make sure everything works fine but I refuse to believe those 2 missions weren't played without any sort of cheats or tricks. Seriously, it felt like a difficulty spike between those challenges and the rest challenges or to the story missions, which felt easy for the most part. If the mod has the bugs and crashes fixed and those two challenges adjusted a bit, then the score would have been higher, I would have given an 8, possibly even 9 for sure.

EDIT: Thank God for the autosave feature as I pressed the post reply but I got logged out and was worried I lost the message but noticed the message was saved, thankfully! I don't know why I got logged out, though.
Thanks for your review (once again)!

Challenges were the last thing we've worked on, so they weren't "moderated" as much as missions and another features were
In fact, the last level wasn't really moderated, because we were "a bit tired"

(Btw, card error. I've checked every card, and there was no errors, perhaps I forgot to overwrite CustomText contatining fixed descriptions)

And, about every other error or mistake: I've already said, that we didn't had a lot of beta testers back in the day, so I, Colou, and the other were testing the mod alone. Now in SNoire, I'm trying to adjust timers/difficulty for the players. Also, we're planning to add a dificulty setting, featuring standart, easy and hard modes

Anyways, thanks for support! We will try to make SNoire less buggy than HA
No problem, glad you liked my reviews. I spend a lot of time writing them, so I hope it was worth to point out all these things about the mod.

I see now why the challenges had varying difficulty and I understand you were a bit tired of the mod at that point in development, so I can forgive you for not taking time to properly test some of things and rushing a bit and I understand that you had to release the mod but maybe the mod could have benefited a bit more if you had hired 1 or 2 more beta testers, they would have probably reported some of the issues I already reported and the mod would have been more stable.

I think this card error may have been caused by overlapping the description of the two cards and accidentally made it into description for a card, so game thinks both descriptions are part of same card. This is my guess but I could be wrong.

I hope Springfield Noire will have most, if not all these issues fixed. When the mod gets released and I will have time to play it, I will test to see if there's any bugs remaining and if I find I will report them.
Hello people, I have a little announcement for you!
Springfield Noire failure resulted us in getting back to Homer's Adventure, but now I won't rush anything
Homer's Adventure 2.0 will have everything revised. Yeah, most of the bugs will be fixed(currently, those incredibly difficult missions/challenges are now balanced)
But, it won't be funny enough to just release a little bug fixing update, right? So, we're going to continue Homer's story after he went home in L3M7...In a...quite unique way
So, stay tuned for further updates!
Also, we're hiring some beta testers to test this thing that kinda resembles a remaster version but it's not , 5 places are still available, so, hurry up and help us make this mod

Btw, if you don't wanna be a tester, but want to help, just DM me in the Discord about every bug you found, this'll get fixed ;)
I can beta test if you want!
I wouldn't mind beta testing. Loved this mod and would really like to see it made up to your modern standards. I already have some nitpicks with the original but I'll hold them off to see if they all get fixed in the remastered version.
Nice to hear there's going to be a remastered version of the mod. I can't wait to play it when releases. As much as I'd like to be a beta tester, I've got a very busy month and I won't be able to beta test.

Still, I hope the remastered version turns out to be much better than the initial release. Despite the glitches and those couple of unfair challenges, the mod was still great for me but I hope the new version is going to be amazing and with little to no glitches and much more fair challenges.
Well, we have some pla-a-ans for L4, and as for now, beta testers will need to find some bugs in current version, which had been slightly edited
Some bugs were removed, some were not(stupid car shop), and the others...well, we just forgot about them
So, L4 development will be a little bit delayed until some other big project's gonna be released... ;)
@[redacted], DM me in the Discord, there's currently no deadlines on testing. And you could really help us out with your "reviewing skills" :P