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Ah, no problem then. I hope all the issues will get fixed when the new version gets released. And I'm looking forward to the 4th level, as so far we have seen mods released with 3 levels at most. I guess if DM4 comes out next month, it will be the first mod containing 4 levels. I still hope one day there will be a mod that replaces all 7 levels of the game, as there are mods for other games that replace all game's levels. I understand modding this game is a lot more difficult but there were so many mods released so far that had a lot of potential and they got abandoned in beta/demo phases with just few missions released. I sort of wish there existed a huge community mod where each member from the team (assuming the team has at least 5 people) makes his/her own level and that way there would be a collection of levels made into a big mod, preferably having a continuity between the levels and not just randomly thrown together without any sense related to the story of the mod.

Anyways, I appreciate the invitation to Discord but problem is I have never used Discord before and I'm not interested in using it (at least not now), plus I have an extremely busy month (especially the whole month of June) and after that I will have enough time to play pretty much any Simpsons Hit & Run mod left I have to play. And I will help with beta testing after that, it will be no problem.
Ok, so, I've changed my mind and decided to re-open the beta for HA. Currently, featuring 3 levels (since we're still missing some of the assets)
Link is available in the main thread
Please, read the changelog before dowloading the mod:
Fixed numerous number of bugs
Improved every mission's locators, so they won't be always small or way too big
Renamed some of the missions
Fixed grammatical errors in the CustomText
Replaced L1SR3 with other custom challenge!
Nerfed L1SR1 and SR2, so they won't be as hard as before (Note: You will still require a better vehicle to pass SR1)
Changed some of the L1 music
Added some unused collectible collect sounds
Changed L2's Sunday Drive theme to RR's
Changed L2SR1 to look more like RR (By adding random music and nuclear buses)
Buffed L2SR3 so it's not gonna be that easy
Changed music in L2M3, L2M6 and L2SR2
Added new ASF feature to the end of the L2M7
Added 3D phonebooth models (From the same-named DT mod)
Removed bonus car shops, as they were crashing the game (Will be brought back in 2.0)
Changed music in L2M4 and L2M5
Nerfed and buffed L2M5, so it's easier to destroy the sedans, but there's one condition...
Added more costumes (Credits go to MorganVain) 
Added one new car for Homer (Credits go to MorganVain) (Not available until 2.0...or until decompilation)
Adde one new music to one of L4 concepts (All credits go to Quantic Dream, we do not own this piece of music. (Though the credits section will be updated in 2.0, since you can't hear that music under normal circumstances))
Added dialogues from L1M0 to L2M3
Retextured some of the content
Removed car crash near Kwik-E-Mart in L1 (Credits go to MorganVain)
Removed firetrucks and Wrecked Monorail near Police Station in L2 (Credits go to MorganVain)
That was it, hope you enjoy this new, "enchanced" version!
Heads up! New version is out

Added dialogue support for Spanish, French and German versions of the game.


Mod is now discontinued. It's old and unpopular, so it will be useless to spend our time making an extra level for obsolete mod, since nobody's gonna play it
Hope everybody will understand
I am playing this it looks good good job guys
I'm sorry to bump this but I just played the pre 2.0 version a couple of weeks ago and I was surprised at the new changes that happened since I played this previous time and it's a shame it was abandoned before the 2.0 update.

I will say that there were some glitches I noticed in this version (I forgot about some of them in meantime since I finished the mod) but they weren't as many as in first version I played.

This time I didn't have a big issue with any of the missions, I only failed once one of story missions in Level 3 (it was either L3M4 or L3M5, I forgot which one but it involved collecting the donuts on the C-Spanker and I failed to collect them in time since my vehicle went a bit above the C-Spanker when tried to reach, then I went on foot and tried to collect them and failed first time) but I did it fine on second try.

The other 2 missions I failed were one of new challenges in Level 1 which I did on second try (the one with not going either too fast or too slow, I was doing fine the first time but I wanted to see what happens if I try to speed up and indeed it fails the mission, I guess my complaint here is I don't like these type of missions where you must try to drive at a certain speed limit, I'm just not a fan of these type of missions considering the punishment is big for just crashing once or going too fast, even though it took me only 2 attempts, also a couple of glitches, 1) the mission failed screen didn't have ANY TEXT in it and 2) there are 2 Barts present in this mission, one inside the Red Ferrini you are controlling and other is the opponent driving the Honor Roller)

The other challenge I failed was in Level 3 with that luring competitor Fast Food truck while avoiding the others, I again took the other way the first time around but second time I barely made it with the truck in smoking condition (the truck really liked smashing itself up), once again I don't enjoy too much these luring type of missions due to AI screwing up which I have no control over. And yeah once again it took me 2 attempts only compared to multiple attempts it took back then, so it wasn't too bad.

Overall missions were made a LOT EASIER than I expected, I mean the one from first level that I feared this time which involved the mod developers, well initially I left it for after level 2 to unlock Car Built for Homer but when I went back to Level 1 to do it, I initially tried with Family Sedan and I was surprised I passed in first try but barely in last 3 seconds (Gordon crashed and destroyed his car in the Stonecutters' tunnel, as it was smoking black) and earlier I also nearly screwed at trying to hit that limo to collect few items but made it in last few seconds. I still recommend to use Car Built for Homer for this challenge, for others who have trouble doing it with the default car, don't try to force yourself trying with Family Sedan, it's not really worth in the end.

And for the derby challenge in level 3, it was again much easier this time, destroying Marge didn't feel impossible anymore, it was a lot easier this time.

And now for other glitches, even though you removed those car sellers that crashed game in levels 2 and 3, it seems you also removed a couple of gags in both levels 2 and 3 for whatever reason (in level 2 about half of gags were absent, so I got 6/11 maximum for example) and thus I wasn't able to 100% the levels 2 & 3 either this time around, only level 1 was fully 100% possible again.

Once again I'm sorry for bumping an old thread just for this but I wish this forum had the much needed PM feature that's often found in bigger forums, so I didn't have much of a choice.

And now since once again I don't want to bump or create other topics for this but will the mod Springfield's Noire get fixed up and released? I didn't get the chance to play it when it was briefly released, I made the mistake to never download it thinking that I should wait until author fixed the mod and now the mod is supposedly cancelled but I wish I still had a chance to download it, maybe you will fix the mod one day and release it. Even if it's not up to people's expectations, I still want to play it. Thanks!
Thanks for your feedback! Now I'm gonna, as usual, answer it

The text was absent because that's an ASF condition, and I can't do anything with it rn(Hope we'll be able to write custom game over hints for ASF conditions some time)
Got it

And yeah, I did actually spend lots of time nerfing the challenges, since they were, well, over-challenging
Don't actually remember in details, but I think Marge's car had, like, 20+ hitpoints in the con file before the update? Not sure, but indeed it was really high

Don't actually remember what's with the gags, guess I wanted to "sequel-ize" the mod more?

Regarding SNoire: BuzzTeam has all the "rights" on the mod, but, hearing practically nothing from them in a while...I doubt it was going to get a release

Overally, glad to hear you had (almost) no problems beating the mod now, that's sweet
No problem! About the text in that failure, ah I see now.

About the challenges, indeed, they were simplified to the point where most can be possible to pass even in first try. And yeah I thought something was wrong with Marge's car when I played that challenge first time, it seemed really damn tough and pretty much impossible to destroy in time. Glad it was nerfed.

I don't understand what do you mean with "sequel-ize" the mod? Can you clarify?

Regarding SNoire, that's a shame, I was looking forward to play the mod someday. Even if most issues don't get fixed, only thing I wanted fixed is the major crash issue when saving the game or whatever was the big issue. I don't like to bring up the old discussion or remind of it but I'd still like the mod to see the light of day, maybe you could convince the rest of the team to try to fix the mod (at least the major issues) and then release it.

Thanks. The mod was much better now and no longer too difficult as I found initially. Compared to previous 7 or 7.5 rating I gave, I will give now 8 (8.5 if it didn't have the bugs I noticed) as the mod was much better balanced and didn't have as many bugs as before. If the mod was finished with the planned level 4, I would give a lot higher, even closer to 10.

In next days I'm going to play your other mod called Waylon's Story. I know it's still in beta but I imagine releasing the final version is going to take some time, unless the final version is going to be released soon and in that case I'd rather wait until final version gets released first, besides some people already reported issues about the current beta, so it's pointless for me to repeat the same issues once again. And maybe if I play it right now, the current issues might ruin the experience of the mod for me. That's why in most cases I prefer playing the final release of mods instead of beta/demo versions that are full of bugs.
By "Sequel-izing" the mod I mean, that this mod is kinda a sequel to original SHaR. I wanted to edit as much as I can, so it would actually resemble a sequel. For example, the incident near the Kwik-E-Mart was removed, same goes for L2 match tower (or whatever it's made of) and a Monorail station (All L2 edits were made by MorganVain, so, thanks to him!) Don't actually remember why I removed some specific gags, but, I guess this was a part o this "sequel-ization"

I believe that weird crash happened because of a cutcsene? Not sure, and don't know how to fix it, if it's actually the cutscene

Level 4 concepts, were, basically re-implemented in WS: Detroit OST, Hit and Run related mission, 4 armored trucks mission and so on

I think WS is gonna take some time...Since I need the Industrial Zone map to start scripting L3 (I'm still hoping that it will be available to public)