[Discontinued] Metal & Scrap Coliseum Map

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I've ceased development of this mod because the motivation is gone.

Some posts regarding contributions to this mod
The images of the coliseum in these posts are heavily outdated. I made these images when the coliseum was in a very early state. If you see any arena there, it doesn't exist anymore. I recommend waiting until the Model Builder is out before actually submitting things.

You might be surprised when I release a trailer about this.

Ramming cars is fun, isn't it? Well this upcoming mod is all about that! This mod takes place in a big coliseum where people bash their lean mean machines into each other like there's no tomorrow. This coliseum will contain seven(?) arenas. You might be able to have some pretty competitive games in SHARMP. Each arena was designed in a way so that even hardcore players can enjoy having battles on. Knock your opponents off the arena in SHARMP when this mod gets released (if it ever does)! You're going to wish you were the king of the hill when your opponent knocks you off.


I plan to make balance changes for every vehicle, so you aren't going to cheese your victories by using the Hearse or Fire Truck. Any vehicle that isn't suited for pushing other vehicles will be majorly buffed.

Single Player

So what if no one wants to play SHARMP let alone with this mod? At least you will still be able to battle the s***** AI. There will be a few Single Player challenges in each level. Like my last campaign mod, there will be a few difficulty levels in case the already bad AI opponents just aren't putting up a fight.

Level Previews

Unlike what I did initially, I'm only going to show one arena. All of the ones I've shown previously have all been scrapped.

Spoiler: One of the arenas
Simple Arena
A simple design to get players started. Easy to navigate. Shouldn't be too hard to knock opponents off.

Don't expect a demo any time soon. This map definitely needs the Model Builder treatment for a lot of reasons, so you won't see me release this mod even when the tool is out.

Now if only ASF made SetObjSound() work with destroycars objectives, because the announcer in this mod is extremely excited about the challenges I'll eventually make (even though there's only like 6 unique challenges).
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Nobody likes bumped posts, but I promise that I had a good reason for it. This coliseum had been getting constant redesigns, but this one is in a very complete state that's worthy of a preview.

Spoiler: Old Preview
Spoiler: New Logo (Another old preview)
Spoiler: Redesign + Enlargement (What's already shown in the main post)
Don't be fooled by the skybox. This was rendered in Blender.

Did I mention that the main post was rewritten?
Nobody likes bumped posts, but I promise that I had a good reason for it.

I lost motivation to continue making this. But I'd still like to show you what's left of it. I haven't touched this since March.


No fight
Begin Fighting
Phonebooth 1
Phonebooth 2
Phonebooth 3
Mission Select

Stuff for an intro movie

Someone else


Simple Arena
Simple Arena Alt
Orbit Arena
Centrifuge Arena
Split Arena
Bumper Arena
Bumper Arena Alt
Warzone Arena
Warzone Arena Alt
Detour Arena
Detour Arena Alt
Final Arena
Final Arena Alt


Loser Room

Sorry to those who wanted to contribute to this mod.