Cops: in Springfield (1.1.1)

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All right, that's so awesome! I'm looking forward to it. But can you show us pictures of the later missions of that mod?
Hey Colou, where's the full version of Cops in Springfield?
Any second now I would assume, He said he would release it today anyway...
It's here...

The official release of Cops: In Springfield is!

(now to wait for the inevitable day 1 patch as I realise "oh crap I forgot to add that")
I only played for less than a minute and I already found that
you can kick Snake behind bars before you can even start Mission 0.
Cool mod Colou! And hey, I hope you do the Ralph mod next, don't you think?
Mostly, I enjoyed playing this. The mod had some really cool, original creative mission ideas, especially how the bus station changes and unlocks the bus stops. However an area I thought could be improved is the interiors. The lbsc interior is soo bland and boring, It should have been filled it with references to the show but your interior was soo plain, it was just walls and doors with the occasional pile of boxes and a radiator
, because of this lack of detail and effort, it was a frustrating experience having to go through because it was soo tedious. The same goes for the boat interior, the idea of it was cool but it was soo poorly executed, all there was inside was a desk with a wheel and monitor on it, it should have had more things in it like radars and levers (also my camera kept on clipping through the walls

There was also other examples of a degree of laziness, such as the Fat tony lorry's that drive around, the "construction" bit is cut of at the bottom
which wouldn't be an issue if you just changed the dimensions of the texture to fit or re-mapped that section of the truck and I also had this bug with Fat tony who got stuck here,
(just ramming this bit of wall) and then he was trying to go through the ramp shortcut and got stuck
, I had to restart the mission and go through that boring maze all over again.

Other than these issues, I had a mostly fun time playing the missions, with my only other issues just being nit-picks not worth mentioning, 8.5/10
You know, the losetail objective in Mission 5 of that mod looks kinda weird because the limo drove away from Wiggum instead of Fat Tony chasing Wiggum, isn't that weird?
I can’t say the mod is flawless, I definitely can’t, so I’m gonna write a full, honest review based on my opinion
My opinion doesn’t generally mean the mod is crap/excellent, it’s just my opinion
(Keep in mind that every member of the Union played the mod too, and every listed bug is (potentially) consisted)
Now, onto the review itself!
Main menu is your average main menu with a couple of neat edits
Except ‘Settings > View Movies’ focuses the camera on a blank carpet

Newspaper is fine too, but fix the All-Star lyrics or I’m gonna riot :angryputin:

HD Radar if fine, but most of the HUD icons/the rest of UI aren’t as HD as the radar, which I find quite weird

I’ll be honest with you - the interiors are bad, they’re often not detailed and just look bland, maybe even unfinished. Compared to original SHaR interiors - they’re definitely worse. It shouldn’t be that hard to create a good-looking interior. Sorry if I’m being harsh there

You can also double-jump and hit Snake in the police station, while he’s behind bars

I generally don’t like Road Rage music, and the mod’s full of it, just my opinion, doesn’t really matter

The magnifying glass HUD icon is refracting the HUD icon circle, that’s a neat detail but at the same time it’s wrong

Fat Tony Construction glass trucks have the advert badly cropped

Should’ve made the police parking lot wall(the back wall) a bit bigger because I can clearly see the out of bounds area
Also, the fence clips with the police station

I don’t like the idea of medals being located in separate missions only, kinda kills the point. It’s a nice idea, surely, but the point in collectibles is that you collect them during SD, while during missions you can focus on missions without getting distracted

Note HUD icon looks extremely choppy and unpleasant to look at
(Here’s a general advice: resize the damn objects before placing them into the HUD icon ring, because if you don’t resize them - they would look extremely choppy)

Quimby model is hollow

Removing the guard rails only makes the game easier during destruction and dump stages

My game started lagging slightly for whatever reasons, which doesn’t happen during literally any other mod gameplay

Barricade street race props have the same issue as the street race prop in M0, *disable the damn traffic*

Going back to the main menu after playing the mod kills the main menu music

Traffic cars pass through the street race props, and saying “can’t do anything about it” is not a valid reason not to fix it. Is that really hard to disable traffic for a single stage? You even said it yourself that WE should disable traffic for SNoire after the highway’s been blocked. These cases might sound different, but hey, they both include street race props and traffic passing through them

The memorial booth gag can be easily skipped if you’re good at the game

Also, the suspect is placed on the front passenger seat, not on one of the backseats. And don’t tell me you risk the game being crashed if a different vehicle’s gonna be used. I manually added skeleton joints to every accessible vehicle in SNoire(including traffic cars) in under 10 minutes, that shouldn’t be too hard to accomplish

Why did Homer suddenly swap police cars?

Overally, the mission was pretty good for a tutorial mission, *albeit time limits in M0 is a sin-worthy deed*

The skid-marks idea is as original as WW2 memes about France

How come the fact that Wiggum overheard the conversation won’t testify in court? Is this somehow related to US judicial system being different from my country’s one, right?

The mission seemed boring to me, but since it’s M1 I’ll let it pass

A random note near the police station! How convenient! To be serious, that’s probably the laziest possible way to progress the story

Placing the opponents further from the player when the race starts is unfair, but the AI cars are slow as hell, so nvm (I guess that instead of adjusting the speed of AI cars you decided to place them a bit further? That’s lazy)

I’m not sure if I’m unlocking the back of the truck correctly, because the meter still fills up
And the meter stays at the exact same place when you get away from the trigger, making it harder(or impossible) to get back

After unlocking the truck I can freely roam around it without consequences

The truck’s roof doesn’t have a proper collision and the player model can “sink” in it

I like the fact that you didn’t bother creating a separate locator in oob to put unused vehicles in, and used 0.0.0 instead, which resulted in the Try-N-Save truck being warped to the construction site shortcut, bravo

Directional issue number one: After the follow stage I instinctively went the opposite way(to the construction site shortcut) to lose the mafia sedan, and I lost the mission because of the stupid 20 second time limit to get back to the police station
Also: second mission and strict time limits do not mix

(Also, upon restarting the mission Quimby appears in front of the police station, spoilering M3)

Overally, the mission was okay, not good, but not bad

RR-stylized limo doesn’t fit in the mod

With the “What’s Quimby up to?” stage you can easily lose him if you’re not careful

After the bribing cutscene I can kick Fat Tony so many times, yet nobody cares

Quimby’s limo mass is really small

Quimby’s placed at the front passenger seat (again)

Overall, the mission is okay

I was expecting some sort of a dialogue stage at the beginning tbh

I liked the dump stage
And the usage of that hack that allows you to play a specific sound clip each time you collect an object

The destruction derby stage was ridiculously easy

That custom camera at the railyard is neat

You should temporarily disable the H&R during the kicking stage, no matter how many times you’ve got to kick the target, it’s unfair when you are required to fill up the H&R meter

The mission was nice actually, not much else to say

The LBSC interior is dull and feels like it’s been just lazily made under 10 minutes. Generally gives me unfinished vibes
And you can’t run in it, which makes this mage stage even worse
And the camera’s s***** here, I had to switch to the mouselook mode to properly see if there are any guards on the corners


These barricades in the Fat Tony following stage make no sense
What in the absolute f****** world is this second Fat Tony following stage? If that’s supposed to be a gag - then it’s not funny
In the end Fat Tony just yeeted himself into the trainyard shortcut (the opposite way, which is impossible for regular players). Which scared the s*** out of me because I genuinely thought I was gonna fail the mission

Overally, I didn’t like the mission, it was boring, it was stupidly hard and in the end it just ends with a convenient plot twist

Why would Snake free Homer anyways?

The trick with placing all collectible triggers in one place was amazing I gotta say

Barney’s mass is too low
And in the end I just abused the absence of guardrails to make my life easier

Following the skidmarks again? Didn’t we do that in M0 already?

Oh hey, it’s neat to see that my ramming stage idea is actually being used in a different mod :)

Overally I feel pretty mixed about this mission, it’s a nice change of pace, but at the same time it’s a bit too hard for M6. (Started feeling the difficulty progression just now tbh)

Uh, I don’t think you can kick somebody armed with a gun without getting shot, It’s that or Louie is just being stupid

The teamup plot feels extremely lazy: “oh you hate mafia too? Lemme help you beat their asses!”

And the mission gets an award for being the shortest in the entire modding scene!
Seriously though, you literally had 30 stages in your pocket, you could’ve created a good mission about Wiggum helping Snake to earn his trust in order for them to actually teamup properly!

Overally, I strongly dislike this mission, it’s just a wasted opportunity, you could’ve done a lot for this mission, but it ended up in your average teaming up cliche, shame

Directional issue number two: I went the other way to check if I fail and I did, good to know you can’t drive there, but at least place a barricade there

The race felt really easy, which is bad

The bridges’ textures are blinking

The power couplings stage was okay, but placing them in completely different parts of the ship wasn’t okay, so I failed the mission
And after I failed the mission and went to the C-Spanker the second time - the mod crashed, I didn’t want to try it the second time because I didn’t save the mod and had to go through M6 and M7 f****** again

Overally, the mission is, again, okay. Nothing else to add

Again, the interior. I didn’t like it as it seemed unfinished and undetailed to me

I instantly failed the mission because Fat Tony’s limo was placed in a convenient position, so he slipped off the C-Spanker, and then one of his mobsters turned right and just trapped me, nice
I gotta admit, the Fat Tony chase sequence was epic, albeit too repetitive

Again, same street race prop issue - DISABLE THE TRAFFIC

The ending was a bit...Anticlimactic? You just handcuff Fat Tony and that’s it?

Overally, this mission was good

Duff Defenders:
(If I were to call every slight stage alteration a gamemode - I’d be the creator of a thousand new gamemodes)

My opinion on the Duff healthbar didn’t change - it doesn’t fit

It’s a bit tricky to destroy the cars since they stick to the Duff truck

It’s nice to spice up the gameplay with a different stage (talking about the Krusty Burger truck dump stage)
But the truck’s AI is stupid

Overally, the Duff Defenders is a nice concept, albeit a bit too repetitive, but hey, that’s a wager race, and they are supposed to be repetitive

Overally, I’ll rate this mod 4.5/10, it’s a bit buggy and it seems unfinished in some places, and the more I played it the more I questioned if beta-testers actually did any testing, because I felt that I was beta-testing the mod right now
Anyways, if all of the bugs get fixed and plot holes/cliches/conveniences get rid off - I’d raise the rating to 7/10. I honestly expected the mod to be better, especially since you’re a professional mod maker. It’s not a bad mod, I’d say it’s average

That’s it for my review, don’t take it too close to your heart please, I took my time to both play the mod and write a review, which already tells that I don’t despise your work

I don't get you Colou, why are you harassing my team, Springfield Noire and me with this bulls***?
(The HUD icon being loaded is the HUD icon of busm_2 model, which is what Morgan Brown's character is based off)
Personally, we didn't hide such stupid jokes in Springfield Noire
You used the same filename in Storm Over Springfield, and, I gotta say that back then it was okay, the original SNoire indeed was bad, but the modern SNoire is not
This joke is not funny and I will take this as an insult, thank you!

Also, you and your friends can dislike this post as many times as you want, but at least read 1/3 of it, I didn't just straight-on s*** on your mod, I actually took my time and wrote some feedback you may use to improve the mod. I'm trying to help you
Ok, cool. Really like the police canyonero model. but I didn't like the mod. as once MorganVain (if I remember correctly) mentioned that you lack originality, which is true, since this mod is a knock-off of SNoire by Gordon, you took the concept, made it with wiggum, added some fancy s*** and you call it a mod. fancy models don't make the mod great, originality, creativity does. you did provide some cool models (but those costumes are WTF), but the mod is boring. also, seems kind of unfair towards other modders, that you got DT involved in development. I know how Colou never accepts criticism, so why don't you accept it for once and change something, huh?

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