Cops: in Springfield (1.1.1)

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Hey DearlyDeparted. Want to see my new bus stop mod?
30/10 just for the Hammerheadi as a vehicle

Don't really like the bus stops in their current state, But It's still a very clever idea and I'm surprised that nobody else thought of it. So i'll let it pass for now.
Some slight issues that prevent the level being marked as 100% complete: Mission 5's Medal doesn't appear to load (the console output reflects this) and the total Gag count is set to fifteen (like the base game's Level 1) while only eleven are actually present.

Some other issues:

The camera on the new construction site area is unreliable, and can often cause a mistimed jump since it changes position (sometimes with no warning) with every jump/few steps taken. Similar thing in Mission 5, because of the camera, it can be impossible to tell whether or not the next corridor contains a mobster or not inside of the Legitimate Businessman's Social Club. In the same mission, you can freely explore said interior with no limitations by re-entering it during the enter vehicle objective before chasing Fat Tony. EDIT: The final point listed isn't a glitch, rather the intended method of acquiring the Medal.

Other than that it's a fantastic mod.


I mean technically it's not a day 1 patch, right?

  • Added a setting for disabling video textures. ENABLE THIS IF YOU EXPERIENCE STUTTERING!
  • Fixed the M5 medal not loading correctly (as it was immediately overwritten by the barricade streetrace prop)
  • Changed the gag count to match the amount of gags actually present.
  • Fixed a spacing error in the credits (sorry Jordan 😥)
  • Made it so that Fat Tony's AI doesn't mess up if you keep following him for too long

I'm also looking to try and add more notable features to the LBSC interior (to help with navigation), but wanted to get this bugfix out of the way first. I would however prefer if I got actual suggestions for that stage, and not just "oh this stage sucks make it better" I'm not just some kind of magical mage who can make things good all of a sudden.
I'd improve the LBSC interior is by adding different props and textures in the hallway so we can remember which hallway is which easier.
For example you can have:
Chairs against the walls
Tears in the wallpaper or stains
I've got a couple for the LBSC maze, you can:
1. Make different sections of the maze have a different wallpaper/wall colour, it'll make the stage a lot easier, but hey, it'll surely help with navigation
2. Add some "doorways" in some corridors, firstly, to mask the transition between one wallpaper and a different one (suggestion 1), and secondly, this willl also help navigating, + it'll make the maze look more detailed
3. Perhaps add some busts of Fat Tony?
4. And to top off that idea (suggestion 3) - couches, bookshelves, plants, you can add a lot of various props to make the maze more detailed and enjoyable
5. You can potentially add some half-closed doors that reveal a random room and what's going inside of it. This can serve as a navigation
6. Like wallpapers (suggestion 1), you can add carpets to the floor in some sections of the maze
Hey Colou, can I borrow Carl's Green Canyonero (carl_v) and Lenny's Red Van (lenny_V) for one of my mods please? You know, carl_v.p3d and lenny_v.p3d?
I'd rather not just give away assets from my mods, so I'm going to have to decline that. I hope you understand.
(Apologies for the late response as well)
That's okay, I just created my own Green version of Marge's Canyonero for Carl's vehicle and I also created my own Red version of Skinner's sedan for Lenny's sedan a while ago


This update improves the Legitimate Businessman's Club interior, as well as various other bugfixes.

  • Improved the LBSC interior by adding more notable features to help with navigation.
  • Made the LBSC play the correct jingle upon entering.
  • Added a space to 'Donut Team' in the credits (because Loren asked me to)
  • Changed various mission text to be more specific.
    • Made the 'stolen money' text in M1 specify that they'll probably get away with the crime if they have a good lawyer, which is why you need evidence.
    • Added a text stage to M2 that specifically mentions that the note was fake. This was previously just implied, which kinda led to some confusion.
  • Added a timer to M3 to prevent players being able to cheese the Quimby destruction stage by ground pounding his car (meant to do this before release)