Cops: in Springfield (1.1.1)

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hello i found an new car in this mod colou how can i find that model? car name: coupe


Wow, it's been nearly a year since the last update for this mod. That feels really weird, though I suppose 2020 kind of all blended together after a while. Anyway, there's a loooot of stuff in the changelog this time. That might partly be because I actually took notes of everything I actually changed rather than relying on memory (though I probably still forgot to add something) but there's still a ton of fixes and improvements to check out.

  • General
    • Updated the mod's icon.
    • Various improvements to the mod's CustomText.
    • Added a setting to change which stage Duff Defenders begins on.
    • Made Level 2 accessible from the mission select.
    • Added checkpoints to most missions.
    • Made the fonts used on the title screen consistent with the ones used in-game.
    • Added a poster on the floor of the title screen, so that the 'View Movies' option doesn't pan onto a blank carpet.
    • Added a message to the 'View Movies' screen (since it doesn't work as intended).
    • Updated the Scrapbook to account for Level 2 being unlocked.
    • Added a message to the 'Game Stats' page of the Scrapbook (since it doesn't work as intended).
    • Added anti-piracy.
    • Improved the radar sprites.
    • Increased the resolution of the Hit & Run ticket sprite.
    • Fixed medals in Level 2 using the vanilla descriptions instead of the custom ones.
    • Fixed some texture mapping issues on the NPC Police Car/Louie's Sedan
    • Fixed a texture mapping issue on the wheel of Fat Tony's limo.
    • Fixed a collector card sprite that wasn't changed to a medal.
    • Updated the Chief Wiggum P.I. costume to be more detailed.
    • Made Louie's model no longer clip through the roof of his car.
    • Added a single line of dialog for Wiggum at the request of @Borb
  • L1M0
    • Set the Max Traffic to 0 for the investigation stages.
  • L1M2
    • Removed a pointless timer stage when reading the note.
    • Added a death trigger and an animated camera to the "stealth" segment.
  • L1M3
    • Quimby's model now has blinking animations and is no longer hollow.
    • Increased the video quality of the Town Hall cutscene quite significantly.
  • L1M4
    • Added additional dialogue for chasing Snake.
  • L1M5
    • Adjusted the position of the trigger for the first Snake chase.
    • Added some new stages to the end of the mission to better show how Wiggum ends up crashing.
  • L1M6
    • Increased the timer after being warped into the conversation with Homer to hopefully fix the bug where his character model doesn't show up sometimes.
  • L2M1
    • Moved the Power Coupling models to the TERRA file to fix a game crash if you leave and re-enter the region during that stage. (this bug also affects Blind Big Brother in the vanilla game)
      • Unfortunately this didn't fix a game crash you get when resetting the mission if a coupling is only half destroyed. So watch out for that one, I suppose.
  • L2M2
    • Remodelled the ship interior from scratch.
    • Made it so that Legs and Louie don't chase the player during the 'Follow Fat Tony' stages.
    • Updated the vehicle CON files so that each vehicle uses the correct shadow sizes.
    • Made the music switch to the 'drama' variation on the final stage of the fight.
    • Fixed a bug where a FadeOut was mistakenly placed on the same stage as the credits are activated, which caused...weird behaviour.
  • L1BM1
    • Moved the position of one of Krusty's waypoints to make his AI slightly less...reckless.
    • Rotated the placard collectible model 180 degrees so that it actually faces the right way.
    • Made the mission use 3 different placard models as opposed to 1 with a random texture.
  • L1SR1
    • Fixed an assert message appearing upon loading the mission if you had the -testing Mod Launcher command enabled.
    • Increased the steering on Otto's School Bus so that it doesn't get stuck in a corner as frequently.
    • Improved the model for the bullies' car.
will cops in springfiled will be decolineable
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hi is the cops mod also added to the FULLY CONNECTED MAP MOD.

i kicked homer and he clipped through the ceiling. hasn't come back down
so does every mission have a medal? feels like i've scoured every inch of the playable space on L1M7 and i can't find one.
Level 1 Mission 7 does not have one.
@RubbishBinMan it says on the mission briefing screen whether or not a mission has a medal.

Amazing job Colou! I would love a sequel or a continuation of the mod of to show what happnens next, such as Fat Tony returning or Snake betraying Wiggum after helping him.