Donut Mod 3.1.4 Mission Crash

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Your mod is very nice. But every time I try to play a mission it ceases after all dialogue is complete. Is there any way to fix it
Is there a specific mission causing the issue and what version of the game do you have?
Its the third mission of undercover employee.
I Have donut mod 3.1.4
Good morning! I have an update on the crash issue. Now I can't get pass any missions without it crashing. Any reason why?
I'm having the same issue with Donut Mod 3.1.4, same level, same mission. I read the changelog, and apparently there was previously an issue (Now fixed) where interrupting the pre-mission video (Where Marge tells Homer he is late for work, I presume) would result in a crash. I tried letting the video play through, and that made no difference.

Is there anyplace I can download an older version of the Donut Mod? Or a savegame that I could use to skip mission 3 altogether for the time being?
This issue should exist in all versions of Donut Mod 3 to date so downloading an old one won't help. We changed something in a new version that's coming sometime tonight that fixes some issues with this mission, hopefully this one included.
Awesome! I can't wait to get the new version. The Donut Mod is great. While I never did tire of playing the game as is, Donut Mod makes the game a lot more fun.
Can you please try the new release?
Still having problems unfortunately. I resumed the game saved with 3.1.4, and got a crash as soon as the intro video of Homer and Marge talking was done. Then I started a new game, got halfway into the race (Right around the Krustyburger near the Cemetary) and the game crashed again. I opened the crash log folder, and the .dmp files are empty, no data.