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Donut Mod 3.1.4 Mission Crash

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And now for an update. After reading threads about other peoples' crashes with Donut Mod, it seems some of those are caused by pirated copies of the game. A long while back the hard drive failed in my computer, and I had to replace it. A number of my install CDs and DVDs for some of my games were missing, including my (Legit) copy of Hit and Run. A friend copied one of his copies for me onto a flash drive as ISO files. Or at least that is what he claimed. The install I was having crashes were from the copy he gave me. Since using his copy (It could be pirated, who knows? I know he does have a legit copy, but he could still have downloaded what he gave me), I found my missing discs. I dumped the dubious copy, and installed from the CDs. I was finally able to complete mission 3. I've only played once since reinstalling, so I plan to go back and see if I can replay that mission a few more times.