Donut Mod 4: General Discussion (Level 2 Public Beta - Updated February 25th, 2021)

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The Buzz Cola Corporation unveils plans to open a new factory in Springfield and the town rejoices at the new job opportunities!
However, there is something with darker intentions lurking in the shadows...
A conspiracy is brewing in Springfield and one family is about to be at the heart of it all!


What is Donut Mod?

Donut Mod is an extensive campaign mod with a new version of the classic Buzz Cola conspiracy story.

This public beta currently includes the first two levels of the game with all of the following features and content:

  • Two difficulty modes.
    • Normal Mode: A more simplified and easy-going experience.
    • Hellfish Mode: A more challenging mode for those who want to test their skills.
  • 15 new story missions.
  • 2 new bonus missions.
  • 6 new challenge missions.
    • These missions take the place of Street Races and feature more varied objectives and new host characters.
  • 2 new taxi missions.
    • These missions take the place of Wager Races and feature randomly generated sets of passenger delivery stages.
    • You earn money from playing these missions, making it a great way to grind out for a level's cars and outfits.
  • Modified versions of the Evergreen Terrace and Downtown maps.
  • Over a dozen new cars available in shops and in amongst traffic.
  • 4 new outfits for Homer and Bart as well as some for NPCs.
  • 14 new collector cards.
  • 60 wasp cameras.
  • A new high definition HUD.

Level Newspapers

Due to the speed at which many modern computers load this game, it may not be possible to read or even properly see the newspapers on the level loading screen. Since we do not have any way to address this at the moment, we're going to share them here for you to easily take a look at:

Spoiler: Level 1 Newspaper

Spoiler: Level 2 Newspaper

More Videos

Spoiler: Level 1 Public Beta Release Trailer

Spoiler: Level 4 Gameplay Trailer

Spoiler: Old Level 1 Mission 7 Gameplay Demonstration

Spoiler: Original Teaser Trailer


Download the Donut Mod 4 Public Beta on the downloads page.

Version History

The latest update was released on February 25th, 2021.

You can check out the full version history on our documentation site.


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i keep getting this eror message, what am i suposed to do?
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Posted 3 years ago · View Statistics
That assert means your save file is incompatible due to it having an unlocked reward (a car or skin) in a slot that is not filled by the mods rewards.

I don't believe this should be able to happen unless you're using a saved game from another mod with more rewards than this one in any level (including levels 3 to 7).

Could you provide more information?

EDIT: Corrected some information above. Also, could you please share the saved game you're trying to use? You can get to it by enabling the mod and clicking "Open... > Saved Games (Donut Mod)" on the main window of the Mod Launcher.
In level 2, Dolph's Sedan's fore hood has bugs: it appears as invisible when seen through the car glass and when it's broken it has Moe's car's normal hood texture.
I'll look into it. Thank you for letting us know.
Can't believe that Level 2 of this mod is released you guys are doing an amazing job keep it up :)
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Posted 3 years ago · Edited 3 years ago
Hey, do you mind sharing the P3D files for the Road Rage cars and the Donut Mod 4 cars?