Donut Mod 4: General Discussion (Level 2 Public Beta - Updated February 25th, 2021)

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AlleyJack, you can decompile Road Rage Returns to get all the content in it!
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4 yrs ago (Statistics)
I’ve already tried that, the Road Rage p3d files (well for PS2) aren’t built the same as the hit and run files. So the body of the car shows up pink as there is no shaders for the textures
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4 yrs ago (Edited 4 years ago)
AlleyJack, I mean you can download Road Rage Returns and right-click it in the mod launcher and press "Decompile". It will extract all of the contents of the mod, including the car P3Ds
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4 yrs ago (Statistics)
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4 yrs ago (Statistics)
Is there any way I can decompile Donut Mod 4? It doesn't show up as an option.
Donut Mod 4 is not decompilable at this time.
We've identified the cause of the crash some people experienced when starting Mission 5. This crash occured when playing the Taxi Mission and then playing Mission 5 afterwards (unless you play the bonus mission in between).

It will be resolved in the next version.

We're still investigating and considering solutions to the crashes that can occur in M2, M5 (a different crash partway through the mission) and the bonus mission.
Hey everyone, we just released a new version: 4.0-L2PB2. This addresses a few different crashes and also includes a bunch of other improvements.

Download it here and check out the full changelog on DT Docs.
Can anyone answer this question as to why the audio queues like the dialogue are not working whenever I run the game? whenever I go into a cut-scene the dialogue is muted, I have no clue, can anyone help?