Donut Mod 4: General Discussion (Level 2 Public Beta - Updated February 25th, 2021)

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We just released a new version, 4.0-L2PB3, that mainly serves to address an oversight where both Taxi Missions were broken since the last update.

Download it here and check out the full changelog on DT Docs.
Heya, loved the mod and almost completed it now. But I wanted to ask, does level 2 have a bonus hidden car? I found the one in level 1 after a while but i cant seem to find this one.
It does have one, yes.
Can I make a shortcut suggestion?

I'm sick of going back and forth through the circular tunnel next to the Stadium.

I don't mind using it to go one way, but to have to use it again on the return trip just gets repetitive.

Can a ramp be fitted on the ledge above the Stadium?

That will allow you to skip going through the tunnel to get to Town Hall.

Side Note: Every time I play the Taxi Mission in Level 2, there's a predictable pattern where if I drop someone off in the DMV area, I always have to pick up Neslon at Try-N-Save, drop him off at the Train Yard, then pick up Milhouse and drop him off at the Hospital.

I had the Taxi Mission set to 10 customers, 3 of them were Nelson and 4 of them were Milhouse... Same pick up point, same destination.

Still looking for the hidden vehicles in Level 1 & 2. I've hunted high & low, from rooftops to tunnels... Please can I have a hint?
Level One Hidden Car Hint:
This car is a wreck. Looks like its been in an accident or something.

Level Two Hidden Car Hint:
This car can be found on a rooftop somewhere. Maybe ask a slack jawed yokel if he's seen it?
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I wonder if level 3 will be done soon? Maybe a few weeks?
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Even though it's only 2 levels currently?