Donut Mod 4: General Discussion (Level 2 Public Beta - Updated February 25th, 2021)

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Quality over quantity, remember.

[Edit: Just realised that this would seem like an odd statement if one were to quickly jump to this page/reply without viewing the previous so I will state now that this was in reply the last post on the previous page.]
Still hyped for level 3 to be added which i want to know it's release date!
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That's today and i bet you 5 dollars it's not gonna release today
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I'll friend you if you can tell us what you know.
I hope this doesn't come off as rude, but he probably doesn't know anything.
Hey everyone, we just released 4.0-L2PB4.

This update features the Elf skins from Donut Team Event Cars & Characters plus a new Mr. Plow skin for Homer.

These skins are available for free from special Holiday-themed skin shops that appear near the start of each level from December 1st to December 25th.

They can be kept on past that time window but it is not possible to put them on again outside of it if you switch away from them.

We're interested to hear what you think about this concept and we may expand the idea to other holidays in the future if its well-received.

There's also some improvements in L2M3 and L2M4 as well as other small changes.

You can download the update here and check out the full changelog on DT Docs.
That is pretty good idea, i like it.
Great idea! You could also add holiday-themed paintjobs and decorations for buyable vehicles. Just like the Christmas Family Sedan.