Website Patch Notes: Version 20.1.5 - 20.1.7

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Today we're going live with another website update. This one is extremely minor, but we wanted to document it for your convenience.

We launched our (temporary) new homepage. This new homepage will show our current featured release, our most popular social media links and a preview of the most recent announcements.

We hope to find new engagement through this and help show what we're working on to new eyes in a more easy and approachable way.

  • Added timestamps to the cards to indicate when a post was made.
  • Added view more button to homepage

  • Added a maximum amount of characters for passwords (72).
    • This change does not mean that passwords are stored as plain text. This change was made to prevent exploitation of several malicious users changing their passwords to extremely long strings and creating a Denial of Service attack from the amount of processing power it takes to hash long passwords.
  • All password reset links will now expire if you change your email before using the password reset link.

Jake AndreĂžli
Community Director
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