The History of Donut Team [YouTube series!]

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Hey-hey! Welcome to yet another YouTube series.
This time, we'll take a look at every major or minor event during the entire history of Donut Team to see what has led us to exactly this point!
We'll look into the events happening during 5 major "eras", as I'd like to call them:

2007-2012, Prehistoric Era, featuring nothing interesting with the exception of a couple of videos happening
2013-2014, Early Donut Team, featuring Project Donut and the formation of the forum
2015-2016, Surge of The Community, featuring popular content creators emerging and starting their own mods!
2017-2018, Technological Revolution, featuring dozens of new tools and hacks being released, allowing for easier mod making and beta testing
2019-2020, The Cold War, featuring amazing mod concepts being worked on, unnecessary competition, and much-much more!
2021-????, The New Era

There will be three videos in total, the first one being the biggest, so, keep an eye on this thread! 👀
Also, huge thanks to Duffhause, Nightbane, Colou, Legomariofanatic, Jake Andreoli, DeepFriedBurger, Will, MACCA and MorganVain for cooperating and helping me make these videos! Really, I appreciate that a lot
Anyways, here are the videos:

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3


For the record, I did give you a more serious response. I'm assuming it wasn't included because you had already started uploading the video by the time I made it.
Heads up, a new episode covering the years 2017-2018 is now available!
Shotouts to Duffhause for voicing over the video!
Hey, the final episode is out!
Again, huge thanks for Duffhause for voicing the video over!

Also, since I've missed out quite a lot of stuff (Namely, Thomas and Somebot) in the videos, I'll release a follow-up video, containing all the stuff I may have possibly missed, stay tuned in!
the Tweak is actually from 2006; I have version (I think) of it, and it was compiled in Dec 2006. You can find it on IA.