The Simpsons Hit & Run - Mod Jam Contest 2021! [WINNERS ANNOUNCED!]

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We are glad to announce our winners:
  • First Place - Weasel with their mod Maggie's Hot Dog Dream which is the cutest mod ever created so far, would really love to see this mod developed into a full Campaign Mod! Very good job, Weasel!
  • Second Place - Tay with their mod Troubles in Dreamworld which was quite creative and funny, I must admit, the sprinting animations got me hard, and the custom kick animation. Would also love to see this mod to be developed into a full Campaign Mod. Very good job aswell!
  • Everyone else, do not get upset, you gained valuable experiences. All your ideas were good and have great potential for further development, just trial and error. Your effort is greatly valuable and got a huge impact on the future of the modding community!

Thank you everyone, who participated in our first Mod Jam in DonutTeam community, we hope to have more participants next time! Wish you best of luck and happy modding!


Hello, DT Community members,

I would like to announce a mini community contest - Mod Jam! You might've heard of contests like Game Jams or etc., where you have to make a game within 48h. So, we're taking this contest to the SHAR level!

Everyone who would like to participate in the contest, please sign-up in this sheet, to prevent a mess when registering the participants. The sign-up is open from now and will be closed on Friday (February 5th) 12:00 UTC. Once the clock strikes, the sheet will be locked until the time to submit your entries will strike.

The contest will have a specific theme, which will be announced once the registration time is closed (to prevent any preparation and that the entries would be legit made within 48h).

Theme: A dream!
Special criteria: MUST BE INCLUDED! (Yes, it's basically reusing other person's model, but this asset has to be included, 'cause reasons.)

GLOBAL credit for special criteria asset: Nightbane

The criteria for the made mods:
  • The mod content MUST be original, no imports, no reused models/content from other mods/people, no copycats. The only models that can be used are OG SHAR models, anything non OG should be made by yourself or could be a remodeled OG model. Colou's Connected Map can be used, however altering it could be a little bit time consuming.
  • The mod MUST include Map mods. A newly created map (small scale, doesn't need to be big, save your time) OR an altered OG map (retextured, expanded, remodeled, etc.).
  • The mod MUST include a new character/costume AND/OR a new vehicle. (Bonus points for both)
This would be the main criteria, but bonus points will be awarded for following:
  • Details (props, objects, etc.);
  • Bonus character/costume/vehicle;
  • Missions;
  • Creativity;
  • UI changes (HUDs, menu, etc.);
  • Collectibles;
  • Creator signatures (add something that refers to you, something special, something that says "I'm the creator");

The judgement time will depend on the number of participants. I hope you'll be motivated to participate and let out your creativity, we will see how you work under 48h pressure.

Rewarded will only be the top 2 mods
  • 1st Place - A 10€ Steam Gift card.
  • 2nd Place - A 5€ Steam Gift card.
  • 3rd and below - A gift of satisfying accomplishment.


Deadline: February 7th, 18:00 UTC
How to submit: probably the same way for DT contests
- Create a thread for the mod.
- Make sure to add "Mod Jam Submission" in the title.
- Make sure to add download link.
- Wait.

More information will be provided later!

Happy modding!

P.S. Sorry, Colou, for using your connected map image as the background. :D
This is gonna be so much fun 👀
Wish the participants the best of luck! :D

Just a friendly reminder, that registration is going to be closed tomorrow. at 12:00 UTC and the theme is going to be announced. Make sure you sign up!

Happy modding!
Theme has been announced.
Winners have been announced.
Well i enjoey one of these mods like trorble in dreamworld