Website Patch Notes: Version 21.2

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The new age has begun. Welcome to 21.2.

Version 21.2

New: Post Statistics

We've added a new Post Statistics page that is available for all users to view. When viewing a post, click on "View Statistics" (or the edit time if the post has been edited). From there, you can view information as well as view edits of posts.
  • You can view the amount of times a post has been viewed.
  • You can view the overall karma score
  • You can view the percent upvoted (i.e. 9 upvotes, 1 downvote = 90% upvoted)
  • You can view the overall karma ranking for your post (i.e the rank a post is at overall compared to other posts on the forum)
  • You can view revision history.
  • You can view the source of the post and use it as a template to create new posts.

New: Vote Statistics

We've also added additional statistics for voting. You may now see who has voted on your post by clicking on the number of points between the upvote and downvote button.
  • This list will only show up once 3 or more people have voted.
  • This list will not show what their vote was.
  • This list is also a new moderation tool for moderators to manually detect vote manipulation. You may manually report to us vote manipulation by inspecting this tool.

General Changes

Navigation Bar
  • Some commonly used links can be now found in the new user dropdown; these links can be toggled on and off on the "Settings" page.
  • We changed the colour scheme of the notification button to fit better with the search bar.
  • Clicking the "View All" button on notifications will bring you to a refreshed notifications page. This page now supports pagination, so you can view all your notifications.

Quick Drawer
Introducing the new account dropdown, properly known as your "Quick Drawer."
  • The Quick Drawer can be accessed at anytime by clicking on your avatar in the top-right hand corner on Desktop and Mobile.
  • On Desktop, icons are displayed in a grid.
  • On Mobile, icons are displayed as each row with the ability to scroll down.
  • All icons (excluding Profile, Page and Settings) have the ability to be disabled in the Design Settings. This will be saved at the account level and can be tweaked at anytime.
  • The Quick Drawer is not spawned when you visit Donut Team, it will be spawned the first time accessing it or after updating it to reduce the initial load time.

  • The notification page (accessed by clicking "View All" on your notifications panel) now has the ability to go between pages.
  • Notifications will no longer be marked as read upon opening the notification panel or the notifications page:
    • All notifications can be marked as read by pressing the "Mark as read" button in the top right of the notification panel.
    • They can be marked as read individually by following the link of the notification.
      • Notifications that do not have links attached to them have been modified to support this. You will be brought to your notifications page upon clicking it.
      • The site has been updated to check if you have new notifications on each page request. If you use multiple instances of the site, clearing it on one will clear the bell indicator on the other upon the next page request.

Forum: Refreshed

The forum has been redesigned with a new heavy focus on content.

Forum Sidebar
  • Redesigned the forum sidebar.
    • The forum show will now show relevant information to the page you're currently on.
      • Topic Listing Pages will now show Community Home, Discord, Play History, Create Topic, and all boards
      • Topic Pages will now show Follow Button and Top Contributors to topic
      • New Topic will now show information about making a new topic, Drafts and a Forum Home link.

Forum Homepage
  • Redesigned the forum homepage
  • New Feature: Board Preferences
    • We've added a new functionality to your settings page called "Board Preferences." Board Preferences allow you to unsubscribe from a board and not view it on your forum homepage. To do this, go to your "preferences" on the account settings page. Toggle a board off and then visit the forum homepage.
    • Again, this does not apply sitewide. You will only not see topics posted to boards you have hidden on the forum homepage.
  • New Feature: New Topics
    • We've added a new section to the forum called "New Topics." New Topics will show topics in the order of when they were created (newest first), excluding any time the topic was bumped or replied to.
    • New Topics bypasses the quality filter and will show all new topics.
  • New Feature: Rising Topics
    • We've added a new section to the forum called "Rising Topics." Rising Topics will only show topics that have been made in the last 3 days with a karma score of 1 or greater. Topics that are newer with more karma score will be displayed first.
  • Keyboard navigation was improved
    • Hovering over a post will now activate keyboard shortcuts at that post. Meaning you can navigate from that post instead of being returned to the top of the page.
    • As normal, you can navigate up the page using J and down the page using K. Pressing the enter or return key on your keyboard will navigate you to the topic page.
    • If you're at the beginning of the page and you press J, you will be navigated to the previous page if there is one.
    • If you're at the end of the page and you press K, you will be navigated to the next page if there is one.
    • You can now press H to go to previous page if there is one.
    • You can now press L to go to the next page if there is one.
    • You can now press F to favourite the currently selected topic.

Forum Topics
  • Topic pages have been refreshed.
  • You can now "Favourite" a topic. Favourite topics will appear in your profile's "Favourite" or tab (in the near future...).
  • A new "Top Responders" section has been added to the sidebar to show who has the most upvotes in a given thread.

Quality Filter
  • We've added a new filter to all topics listed on our forum to prevent spam.
  • You can check your current standing by going to Settings > Account History.
  • Topics made by users who joined in the last 7 days are automatically hidden.
  • Topics made by users with less than 5 overall karma will be automatically hidden.
  • You may opt-out of the quality filter while logged in by going clicking on the "Some topics may be hidden" link at the top of the page.


  • The Settings page was refreshed with a new design.
  • The design tab has been renamed "Preferences."
  • Added the new dark theme in the "Preferences" section.
  • Added a "Compact Thread Listing" option in the "Preferences" section.
  • Added options for the Quick Drawer feature in the "Preferences" section.
  • Added options for the Board Preferences feature in the "Preferences" section.
  • The "Topic Preview" setting has been removed. This feature was under-utilized and under supported, however we would like to review the concept at a later date.


  • A new button has been added to each post to embed a "smart quote"
    • Smart Quotes allows a user to embed a copy of your post in their own post.
    • Smart Quotes includes a link to the topic the quote was made on, so you can quote something across several topics.
    • Smart Quotes will not show content that is not accessible to you.
      • If a post has been deleted, it will not show the quote.
      • If a post was made inside a board you do not have access to, it will not show the quote.
    • Smart Quotes use the REVISION identifier, meaning if you update your post, their quote will not be updated.
      • This means that the quote will be as it was when it was quoted, which allows you to have a proper discussion or debate with someone and not have them change their post on you.
      • You can use this feature to display changelogs in your own post as well, quoting the current revision and appending it to the new revision you're working on. This is an idea we're currently fleshing out, so please let us know if you have any suggestions.

Trust & Safety

Vote Manipulation
  • Your ability to vote will be automatically disabled when your karma ranking drops below a specific negative number.
    • We are not going to disclose the amount that this process will start at currently.
    • This feature will only impact 0.021% of current users.
    • We will continually be monitoring this to ensure users are not suppressed

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where design settings would not be set correctly for - You will need to reapply this fix to take affect.
  • Fixed an issue where automatic scrolling to a post would be broken if an image above it hadn't been loaded yet.
  • Fixed an issue where the thumbtack icon did not show up for the Pin/Unpin button on a topic.
  • Fixed an issue where the post editor's buttons would fade in and then reset to the wrong background colour.
  • Mitigated an issue where spoiler tags would have an additional line break at the beginning of the tag's contents.
  • Further optimizations that should speed up the website and improve stability.
Alright, patch has been out for 10 hours. Let's go through known bugs:
  • Some buttons (such as edit profile) do not appear correctly
  • Pagination has broken styling on profiles and some other pages
  • Mod listings are slightly broken, especially on mobile. Affecting downloads, profiles and search
  • Topic listing is slightly confusing in relation to who made the post. This was changed in the development build and will by synced in the coming days
  • Topics need a different background for posts themselves. Currently they match the pages background. This isn't intended behavior.

21.3 will release soon featuring updated search and profiles. Look forward to have you test these features out.

We also have heard people are already missing some of the features (such as recently online and subscription list) that ended up being removed. We will be adding these soon.