Website Patch Notes: Version 21.3 - 21.3.5

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Holy guacamole, that's a lot a damage! Let's fix that... Also, some new goodies!

Yesterday we released Version 21.2. You can view that changelog here:

Version 21.3

Profiles: Refreshed

Profiles were given much needed love in this update. We've increased their usability and polished the overall design.
  • The new profile topper features a clean layout and presents information about how much karma you've accrued, how many subscribers you have, how many subscriptions you have, your join date and the website of your choice.
  • Below the profile topper is a navigation bar for profiles.
  • Play History has been made front and center. The last five things you've played will be displayed in a row at the top of your profile.
  • Below Play History is the new activity tracker.
    • The activity tracker will show threads you have created, your replies, content you've voted on and your favourited threads.
    • From the activity tracker, you can vote on content or if you're the owner you can access your edit and deletion tools.
    • Expanding the activity tracker will give you a pagination system. This allows you to go back to the beginning of time and see someone's first post. (Be gentle)
  • There is also a new "Mods" section of profiles. Your mods section will show all mods you've published to the Content Submission System.

In addition to this, managers were removed from the profile design. In the future, this may return, however we've sunset our current iteration of pages with no plans on updating them in the future.

Search: Refreshed

  • The search page has been redesigned.
  • The ability to search by post is now here!
    • Please make sure to use "literal searches" (using quotes around the statement you're looking for) when searching for posts, as it will provide the best information. Literal searches are still a work in progress, so please give us feedback.
  • The ability to search the documentation site from the Donut Team main website is also available now.
    • Please note that this feature is experimental and subject to change; because of this, we're labeling this as a "Beta" feature.
    • This is intended to help guide new users towards the documentation site, not as an alternative for navigating the documentation site.

Trust & Safety

  • Password requirement has been increased.
  • Usernames that contain inappropriate words will now automatically be blocked.
  • Blocked over 2,000 domains from registration.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where clicking on a notification would redirect to an invalid link.
  • Fixed an issue where topic pages were missing some stylization.
  • Fixed an issue where several buttons were stylized incorrectly.

Version 21.3.1


  • The downloads page has been updated to use the new app preview box.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where drafts were appearing in search results.
  • Fixed an issue where profile links were not scrolling properly on mobile.

Version 21.3.2


  • The Profile Edit tools have moved to the settings page. You can still access them by clicking "Edit Profile" on your profile
  • Gender pronouns can be specified on the Profile Edit page.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where deleted posts were appearing in search results.

Version 21.3.3


  • Added the ability to view subscribers and subscriptions on profiles.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where smart quotes did not work for logged out users.

Version 21.3.4


  • The subscriptions view will now display topics you're subscribed to, as well as users.
  • Altered the design of subscribers/subscriptions to accommodate the previous change.
  • When a subscription that is no longer valid is detected, it will be deleted upon viewing subscriptions.
    • We'll monitor this change and add safe guards in near future so that the subscriptions page does not need to detect something is invalid.


  • Added a new preference to make flairs on topic listings absent of colour to help users who might find them distracting.

BBCode Editor

  • The BBCode Editor's design has been slightly altered.
  • When using a list item, pressing the enter key will insert the next item at the same tab level as the previous one.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the flair filter was outputting HTML attributes to the page.
  • Fixed an issue where the server was allowing more than 4 gender pronouns.

Version 21.3.5

Forum: Topic Listing

  • Topic Listings have been updated to include more information about who last replied to who's topic. Examples have been provided below:
    • New Topics: {OP} made this topic {Timestamp}
    • New Reply: {LASTREPLY} replied to {OP}'s topic {Timestamp}
    • New Reply from Original Poster: {OP} replied to their own topic {Timestamp}
    • Deleted Reply/Account: Someone replied to {OP}'s topic {Timestamp}
    • Unknown/Fallback: Topic was last updated {Timestamp}

Topics: Bumping

Deleted posts no longer contribute to the last updated status of a topic. Meaning, if a topic is bumped by a new reply and subsequently that reply gets deleted, the topic will fallback to the last reply that it was last updated to.

For example, if a topic from 5 months ago is bumped to the top of the forum; if that user or a moderator deletes that reply, the topic will return back to its place 5 months in the past.