How do we sort of "combine mods?"

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I'm confused about adding two mods together (like for example a vehicle pack mod with a story mod) but I don't really know how it works. Could anyone explain how to, or is this not allowed? Thanks in advance.
If mods do not specifically support each other and use the same files or file redirections, they are not supported. You can modify and combine mods by decompiling them and fusing them together. However the process could be lengthy and varies depending on what you're combining.
Thanks, but where exactly do I place the decompiled files?
Like for example, I'm trying to add the BTTF DeLorean mod (by Nightbane) into the Desert Bus mod (just to see if it would work). Do I place it in the folder that's circled in the screenshot?

I'm sorry for asking these questions though, I don't really know a lot about modding
That's kind of right, but you'd need to modify files to make the content appear in game. Its kind of a difficult question to answer.

If you're trying to add the vehicles to one mod, you'd copy the files from the first mod and place them in the same folders as the other. Then you'd have to update rewards.mfk and level.mfk and leveli.mfk to load them when the mod starts.

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