Website Patch Notes: Version 21.3.6 - 21.3.7

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A small, but colourful update for those looking for additional customisation.

Version 21.3.6


  • You can now set a colour for your profile to use. (Example / Set your own)
  • The profile navigation bar will now auto-adjust to not display empty pages (example: if a user has no badges, we will not show a badges page). (Example)


  • Profile Colours will appear on search results to help distinguish users.


  • We've adjusted the way all buttons are displayed.
  • The subscribe/favourite button has been reduced in size.
  • Fixed several inputs in dark theme

Testing: Now Available to Staff

These are a subset of features now available to staff members. Some of these features are exclusive to staff members whereas some
  • We've added preliminary support for animated avatars.
    • Staff may upload animated avatars, but we warn our staff members that this functionality is not final and you may experience issues.
    • Animated avatars will be available for members of Donut Team's Pastry Club, a new paid membership program we will be fully unveiling in the coming weeks.
  • As you may be aware, we display titles for people on their profiles. This was originally done manually. Ranking 4 members and above may now set titles by editing their own profile or another's
    • Ranking 3 members and below may not request titles. Titles are given out according to importance within Donut Team.
    • This functionality will always be exclusive to Donut Team Staff (Ranking 4 and above)

Version 21.3.7


  • Profile colour will now override the top navigation bar as well.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where user avatars were not being set properly.
  • Fixed a design issue with the login page.
  • Fixed a design issue with the navigation bar.
  • Fixed an issue where preview functionality was appearing for some users.
  • Mitigated an issue with quotes where they were not readable on mobile. The design aspect of this will be updated in a later patch.