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Recently I've started to engage in the SHAR community and remembered that the website DonutTeam, is a friendly and active community based on SHAR. Unfortunately, I'm prevented from talking to other members due to restricted access from the Discord server.

I'm unable to join the Discord server because it appears that I've been banned from it. I remember engaging in this community a couple years ago, but I was under 13. However, I am over the age limit of 13 now and I'm wondering if the reason I cannot join the server is due to a ban, or if it is due to another reason. Just to state again, I am over 13 now, and I've made sure to not interact with this community until I turned 13 a while ago.

It would be appreciated if someone could help me with joining the Discord server for DonutTeam. I would love to engage in this community due to how friendly and welcoming it is. I understand if due to certain reasons, I am not allowed to join again (note: I think I've been banned from the server).

I am unsure if I'm allowed to post my discord username and #numbers here, so I will not or else I could be potentially breaking a rule. If I've done something wrong with this post, I apologise in advance (e.g. wrong flair, title, board, etc).

Thanks in advance,

EDIT: I can confirm that the reason I cannot join is due to a ban. I remember getting banned for being underaged, but as I've stated before; I'm over 13 now.
I think this should be sorted, why don't you go ahead and try again?
I think this should be sorted, why don't you go ahead and try again?

Sorry in advance for the late response.
Many thanks Borb, I'm able to join the Discord now.