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Mod Launcher flagged as malware, help

Posted in Support
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I ran a scan with Malwarebytes today and it detected the mod launcher as malware. I've been using it for a while without issue and even just yesterday it wasn't detected. Should I be concerned or is it merely a false positive? Thanks for any support in advance
If you obtained the Mod Launcher from This Page, then it is a false positive and you should not be concerned!
The mod launcher uses code injection techniques to modify the game, this is likely what is causing the false positive.

If you have additional details, such as what it is being classified as, we may be able to investigate further.
The only files that were flagged were the exe file for the launcher itself, the .zip file that it came in which I forgot to delete, and a desktop shortcut for it. I should note as well I downloaded it directly from the Mod Bakery page for it and I haven't downloaded any new mods for it since December of last year