How can I explode cars from a distance with the lucas mod launcher

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Hello everyone I saw the gameplay of nightbane The Simpsons Hit & Run - Low Poly SpongeBob Pack Mod and in the second 0:39 it starts to explode traffic cars
Hello, that is a cheat function in the launcher, you can press the key 9 above the keyboard to explode all cars!
yes it's that but how can i activate
Enable the Cheat Keys mod preinstalled on the launcher.
You say that it activates the option cheat keys I had it activated for six months
You enabled "Cheat Keys" mod and press the 9 key on your keyboard.

You can look at the mod's description for all available cheat keys.
I did not understand
wait I press the 9 key and the cars don't explode
It tells me that there is only the key 2 3 5 6 7 f4 and f7