Dynamic Tuning

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We can do great things in this game!
Eg. dynamic tuning for Homer's car!
DISCLAIMER: This mod is just a concept, therefore I will release it as a "beta". I am planning to continue this as time goes on, so keep an eye on this page!

This mod allows for over 2,000,000,000 possible combinations of tuning with 80 parts (including stock)! I plan on adding more of them as time goes on, of course.
Tune up Homer's car to fit your liking.
This mod features a small variety of front & rear bumpers, sideskirts, horns & more!
The engine sound changes when you change the engine, depending on how strong your choice is.
Here's an entire list of (new) things you can wear in this mod:
  • New Front Bumpers (6)
  • New Rear Bumpers (4)
  • New Side Skirts (3)
  • New Spoilers (4)
  • New Chassis (2)
  • New Hoods (2)
  • New Rims (2)
  • New Horns (7)
  • Flags (11)
  • Neons (11)
  • Armor (2)
  • Grip (2)
  • Engine (10)
  • Antennas (3) (Roof Chassis only)

How to use:

1) Select the mod
2) Go to settings
3) Change the settings as desired
4) Click "OK" to save your settings.
Once you've done that, check out your "new & tuned up" family sedan.
I hope you enjoy this mod & don't forget to leave a Thumbs Up!

Download Version 2.0


Version 2.0
List of features for this version
  • New Vehicle addon (Ferrini - Red) (Download here)
  • Preset Vehicles
  • Support for multiple (upcoming) vehicles.
This mod will soon be decompliable, there are just few things I would like to work on before I do that.
To use the red ferrini, simply enable it at the same time as the main dynamic tuning mod and simply change it from its own settings.
This is amazing, really really amazing! Awesome work maz!!!!
Need For Simpsons Speed
Wicked. awesome if u could have a place to go in game and change ur parts like in GTA 5
the mod is pretty well made, nice job maz
Looks interesting! You planning doing this for more vehicles and I will have to check it out some time.
Pimp My Ride but it's The Simpsons
This is a neat concept !
This mod has been updated & version 2.0 is now available.
This version features support for upcoming vehicle addons as well as a download link for a Red Ferrini addon and a new preset feature for the vehicles (2 at the moment).
Please check the description for more details!
Will we be getting Custom Vehicle support? If modders provide the parts?