Dynamic Tuning

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Will we be getting Custom Vehicle support? If modders provide the parts?

Yes, that's what I am planning on!
The next releases will include a decompilable version of the main framework, and every of the vanilla vehicles will be decompilable so people can learn how to use the frame work and make their own vehicles.
This mod has been updated & version 3.0 is now available!
Thank you for your support, here are the new features:
  • This mod is now decompilable
  • Family Sedan and Ferrini - Red have been updated to version 3.0
  • Longhorn has been added as a DLC
  • Homer's Mattress (Custom Vehicle Template) has been added as a DLC
  • This mod now supports custom vehicles
  • Documentation for this mod has now been created on GitHub
Please check the description for more details!