How do I add textures to a model with pink textures?

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Right now I'm working on adding a specific map called Skyscraper Heights into the game. It's going okay so far, but I can't figure out of how to add the texture into the map's parts.

This is what it looks like right now:

And here's a more in-depth look of the P3D file:

Can anyone help?
Hi there!
It appears that your model has no shader (which is what causes the pink texture)
To give it a shader, you must select the Mesh chunk inside your Static Entity & then select the Old Primitive Group inside the Mesh, and just select one of the available shaders.

If you would like to change the texture on the Shader, then just change the Texture property of your Shader to any existing texture.
I think I got it,but I can't get shaders linked to the images
You need the image to be present in the same file as the shader (or in one of the global files (such as L1_Terra))
If you need an image, you can copy it from another file or insert one by clicking on Edit tab & then New -> Texture