Spawn help

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So I've set a new car spawn and character spawn for L1M1, however it still does the orbit of the Simpsons house then flies over to my player, how can i remove/edit this so it just starts from my player ?
It works on the tut mission,mission 3 and mission 5, but not missions 1 and 2 (m4,m6,m7 have different spawns)

is it something inside : art/missions/level01/level.p3d ??
that's how i changed the spawn points for the other missions.
In M1sdi.mfk remove these lines:
SetMissionStartCameraName( "mission6camShape" );
SetMissionStartMulticontName( "mission6cam" );
SetAnimatedCameraName( "mission6camShape" );
SetAnimCamMulticontName( "mission6cam" );
Thanks for the quick response, it works, thank you.