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Fully Connected Map Mod (1.0.7)

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ahhh thanks so much, missed that :)
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How come when I decompile the .imim file the power plant section is missing?
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Please, read my message on the previous page, it explains why.
I have managed to get my maps into UE5 have sorted collision and managed to get a lot of content working, but I seem to have an overlap issue with regard to l1r1, l1r3 and l1z4. Two of these are from the original game files, but doesn't happen in the mod. Is there something I am missing? thanks

The map is never loaded all at once, it is split in regions and everytime a region is loaded, another is unloaded. That's why you never see that in-game
ahhhhh, never thought of that, I thought the complete map mod loaded the lot at once. Thanks for the info!! :D
How come this is missing Mr. Burns's Mansion and Homer's House? l1r1 and l1z1 are most notably missing.
Hey guys does anyone know where I can find the mission mod liquidwifi played when playing this mod as I wanna try it
Is this available as a 3D model file? Such as a .glb GLTF file or a .fbx file? I would like to import this map into a game engine to mess around on it as a test map.
Hello I'm a Super Smash Bros Brawl Modder and I've had an idea for a Simpsons stage and I think this mod might be useful since i can't even find a downloadable model of Springfield from anywhere on the internet. the point is could i be provided the model(s) used in this mod?