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Mods not opening.

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So I've been trying to open up a mod but it doesn't work. I try to launch it but it just doesn't work, if anyone has any solutions i would be very appreciative.
Looking at your profile history, it seems you were able to play a couple relatively recently. What exactly is going on? Do they appear to have just stopped working altogether or is it an issue with a specific mod? Does the mod just not show up in the Launcher or are you just not seeing any changes?

Please provide any more info about your issue of you can. Thank you!
Hey Lil_Turnip!

If you're still having issues, let me give some quick troubleshooting guides:

Crash Message Appears
  • If there's a crash message appearing, please be sure to screenshot it and share it here.
  • You can also check to see if there's any crash dumps. If so, upload them and send us a link to investigate!

The Game Never Opens
  • Check to see if there's any crash dumps and send any if there are.
  • If there isn't, try a computer reboot. I've experienced issues on Windows 10 where certain applications fail to open until I do a complete reboot.

How to check for crash dumps
Kenny Giles I've had this problem before where i select a mod and click launch than it loads for a bit then it stops and there's no specific mod, all of them do not open despite showing up in the mod launcher. Not to mention I have the most recent version of the mod launcher.
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3 yrs ago (Statistics)
Jake Andreoli I don't know how to send an image but rest assured I counted my crashes and it was 15 from 2019 to 2021.
And the mod investigate