Progress Report: March 2021 - Week 2

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Today, I wanted to give a quick rundown of what we've been working on the past few weeks:

Donut Mod
  • Donut Mod has been worked on a bit by @Loren , @Kenny Giles and myself.
  • @Kenny Giles and I have been ironing out the story.
  • @Loren has been tweaking parts of the mod to enhance the experience.
  • @Colou , our Level 3 map designer, has been working on the Bowling Alley teased in the last status update. We're hoping to improve lighting in the near future.

Road Rage Returns
  • The R4 Team has been prototyping mission ideas and creating a cohesive story to fit into the Road Rage levels.
  • We're excited by the project and will have more to share when we're ready.

  • Several bug fixes have been applied to both the live and test site.

Mod Launcher
  • @Lucas Cardellini is currently working on fixes for bugs that were introduced or reported for the newest version of the Mod Launcher.
  • @Lucas Cardellini is also working on quality of life updates. We will have more information on that when they're ready.

Unannounced Projects
  • We've been discussing ideas for future projects a lot lately. There's nothing to announce and nothing is in development now, but we wanted to list this to show that we're in this for the longhaul!

  • A lot of organizational changes to speed up our progress.
  • We've been revising our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy to fix issues we previously didn't notice.
  • Developing comprehensive moderation guidelines

Thanks for your support, we hope to have more information soon.

- Jake