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How do i create a Type 14 Locator?

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I want to create a coin but i can't create a type 14 locator.
The documentation has this:
Type 14
When this type of locator is loaded, the game will place a coin at its position.

And the "Value Editor" in the Pure3D Editor cannot change values.

I found out that when you put " LoadP3DFile("art\missions\level01\level.p3d"); " in the level.mfk file then it loads
Copy one from another file and paste it in. I believe the vanilla TERRA/region files contain these.

Note: As far as I know, coins need to have certain names in order for the save data to track them, so if you rename it, it'll probably re-appear when the level is reloaded.
The quoted post is unavailable.

But the coins are invisible, i am using the flat map mod and decompiled it and changed it to have coins but the coin is invisible but i can still collect them