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Well, that's a lot of characters

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-Why are the characters moving, if they're NPCs?
-Why only the 5 playable characters? I'm guessing that you didn't want to make custom _a files for them, but meh.
-Does the map that you loaded normally have really bad texture connections, or is that part of when you ported the map?
-I know custom maps are possible, but don't they create immense amounts of lag when they aren't flatlands? Unless it's already been vastly improved since, or this is actually a really simple map.
1. The characters are all moving because of something experimental. It's essentially copying the controls of the player character as an NPC.
2. Correct. Lucas didn't want to use the NPD animations as they don't have all of the required animations.
3. It's a Nintendo 64 map.
4. This was fixed and has been vastly improved allowing most things to be accomplished now. Insider info, eh?
1-3. Alright.
4. No way.

Curious as to how in the world you can actually port any map into SHAR (unless they happen to follow, like, the exact same format..)
No it's not in the same format at all. It's

Look, if you don't believe me:
Now, if only you could add AI nodes...

I definitely didn't get that from insider information, either.
@Jake I laughed at that