DirectX asking for 8.1+ even though I have 12

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Hello I have just got The Simpsons Hit and Run and I was really excited to play as one of my favorite youtuber played it and liked it. I got it downloaded and installed Lukas Hit and run mod launcher. Firstly I tried launching the game via the mod launcher asking you need DirectX 8.1 or more so I decided to launch it via the game itself, the same thing.

I searched up ways to get around it but either it doesn't work or its deleting a specific file from a different searching through the entire game and not finding it.

I am wondering if anyone else had this problem and have a way to get around it
Hey there! Apologies for the rather late reply. Been a bit busy with some real life shenanigans. Welcome to the forums, and I hope you enjoy playing through Hit & Run casually! Pretty interesting to see people who have no previous experience with the game trying it out themselves. We normally don't offer support for downloaded copies just to keep Disney happy (on the rare case they get grumpy over it) and because it's difficult to verify that the installation is 'clean' and hasn't been tampered with. However, it sounds like the issue falls on DirectX itself.

Assuming you're still having issues that haven't been resolved yet with launching the game, there might be some dependencies from DirectX 8.1 you don't have installed? The most I can recommend is to try and see if running Microsoft's DirectX Runtime Web Installer makes a difference. Go ahead and download it, run it, and restart your PC. You can also try to use the .NET Framework Repair Tool as well (assuming the previous advice fails to work).

Hopefully that helps!

EDIT: It also hit me that you could perhaps try the Direct3D 9 Hack in the 'Settings' Tab. This would force the game to use that instead of DirectX 8.1 and might get the game to boot.